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  • Raising Base Salary of Santa Monica City Manager- Urgent Questions

    Stan Epstein, Special to the Observer|Dec 25, 2023

    Email to City Manager David White and Lori Gentles Dear David and Lori. You have generally been highly responsive to inquiries from me, so I believe you will reply to this urgent email today. The issue of the increase in David's salary comes before Council only 6 days after it was announced in yesterday's Council meeting Agenda for Tuesday., so time is extremely of the essence. The public and media should know your thoughts now on an issue that might be significant( both on its own merits and...

  • Closed Session Meeting On Sale or Lease of the Civic Auditorium, Clearly Violates the Brown Act

    Stan Epstein Esq, Local Resident|Jul 27, 2023

    Letter to the Editor: City Attorney Sloan has broken his ethical obligations to all residents, the Council, and the State Bar by falsely claiming in the Observer that the Brown Act will not be violated Tuesday when Council meets in Closed Session to discuss and make decisions on all aspects of proposed sales of the Civic Auditorium without any open meeting on the issue. He is also causing all Council members , the City Manager and other senior staff members to be put in serious legal risk of...

  • Santa Monica Looting, Protesting and Other Events of May 31, 2020 Cry Out for a Truly Independent Investigation

    Stan Epstein, Local Resident|Jun 22, 2020

    Aside from budget problems and services cuts, one of the most important issues bothering Santa Monica citizens is the unfolding of events on Sunday, May 31, the intelligence the day before and statements by senior staff and Council members after. This past Tuesday, Sue Himmelrich introduced Item 13C, intended to bring about an independent investigation of the May 31 related matters. She stated that her rushed language was unfortunate and all the Councilmembers present (Ted was on Zoom for his...