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Articles from the June 30, 2016 edition

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  • "Trump Girls Break The Internet" hashtag goes viral among Republicans and Democrats

    Kristin Peach, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 30, 2016

    Even though Donald Trump is way down with women in the polls, some women are posting sexy photos of themselves on twitter in Make America Great Again hats, and otherwise using their sexiest selves to promote The Donald's political aspirations. Dare to express a politically incorrect political opinion! And while you're at it, draw attention to that opinion by showing some skin! That goes back at least as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans. The hashtag #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet began after a...

  • Bear Mauls Man then Swipes his iPad.

    Observer Staff|Jun 30, 2016

    Update, 6/29, 5 pm PDT: Authorities report that they have killed the 120 pound bear involved in this attack. It's unknown whether or not the iPad was retrieved. Rangers hunted the hills above Altadena for a black bear who would not be Rickrolled one more time. He pushed through a tent wall, slashed a man across the forehead and stole his iPad. Stealing an iPad is a death penalty offense when it comes to black bears, authorities said. The small bear pushed through a tent wall and appeared to be...

  • Rare Victory for Christian Group to Use Cleveland School Facilities.

    Christine Emerson, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 30, 2016

    A Christian group which was denied use of facilities at Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) today prevailed in a federal lawsuit that requires the school to ensure religious group have equal access going forward. Plaintiff's filed a Federal Complaint after CEF sought equal access to the school district's facilities for its after school Christian charter education programs. The school district wanted to charge rent, which CEF could not pay, forcing it to shut down its after-school...

  • Microcephaly: Florida Reports First Zika-Related Birth Defect

    Observer Staff|Jun 30, 2016

    Florida officials reported the state's first case of a Zika-linked birth defect in a baby born to a Haitian woman infected in Haiti. The woman came to the United States to give birth, because she thought it would be better for the baby. The newborn has microcephaly, the most notorious defect caused by Zika, the Florida Department of Health said. Microcephaly is a smaller-than-normal head caused when the brain doesn't develop properly. There's no cure for it. "The mother, a citizen of Haiti,...

  • Search for an 80 foot, Entangled Blue Whale Continues Off California Coast

    Observer Staff|Jun 30, 2016

    A rescue operation never attempted before, resumed today off the coast of Southern California as crews try to free an 80 foot blue whale from fishing lines attached to a crab trap. A whale watching boat operated by Captain Dave's Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari first noticed that the whale appeared to have 100 to 200 feet (30 to 60 meters) of crabbing lines and buoys wound around him, perhaps 3.5 miles off the Orange County Coast. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...