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Articles from the December 19, 2016 edition

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  • Did The Russians Really Rig Donald Trump's Election, and if So, What Was Their Motive

    Observer Staff|Dec 19, 2016

    The US Intelligence community agrees that the Russians interfered in the 2016 US presidential election, in order to support Donald Trump and defeat Hillary Clinton. No one so far is calling for a "do over," or for the results of the election to be invalidated. But a bipartisan US Senate committee is calling for hearings. The bipartisan effort lead by McCain (R-AZ), Lindsay Gram (R-SC). "It's clear the Russians interfered. Whether they interfered to the degree that they wanted to elect a certain...

  • Obama Calls for Electoral College Intelligence Briefing, Prior to Final Presidential Vote

    Observer Staff|Dec 19, 2016

    Update 12/18: A group of about 80 electors (including one Republican) signed on to a letter to National Intelligence Director James Clapper asking for a briefing on the role Russian hacks may have played in the election before the vote. (That request, supported by Hillary Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta, will not be granted, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said.) Hillary Clinton's top political adviser John Podesta said the campaign is supporting an effort by members...

  • FAA Order Halts Eviction of Tenants Providing Aviation Services at Santa Monica airport

    Observer Staff|Dec 19, 2016

    Nice try, but no cigar for the City Council. The City filed eviction actions against both FBO's, companies who provide services to the Airport's 272 aircraft, last month. The City agreed in the 1970's, when accepting Federal funds, that it would make the airport available for public use and benefit. It cannot discriminate against aircraft types or uses and must make space available for aviation tenants on reasonable terms based on good faith negotiations. "The city has failed to grant any...

  • Woman Alleges MTA Employees Left Her for Dead on Blue Line Train

    Sarah Storkin|Dec 19, 2016

    A civil lawsuit was filed against the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority ("LACMTA") today by a 57-year-old woman who was the victim of an unprovoked, racially-motivated verbal and physical attack while riding the Blue Line train home from work in the evening. The police have classified the attack as a hate crime. The lawsuit was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court. In the complaint, the plaintiff, Nidia Romero, alleges that three individuals began aggressively harassing her using...

  • Car Kills Mama Mountain Lion, Leaving 3 Six Month Old Cubs Near Chatsworth, California

    Kate Kuykendall, NPS|Dec 19, 2016

    THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- National Park Service (NPS) biologists confirmed this week that a mountain lion recently struck and killed by a vehicle on the 118 Freeway was P-39, an adult female with three six-month-old kittens. "Unfortunately, we have no way of locating the kittens, as they are not wearing a tracking device." said an NPS spokeswoman, when asked if they would be relocated. "Navigating our complex road network is a major challenge for mountain lions in this region," said Jeff Sikich,...

  • Can Orphaned Mountain Lion Kittens Survive? Some Experts Say it's Possible

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 19, 2016

    We wondered about the fate of Mountain Lion P-39's three cougar cubs. Their mother's death occurred on the 118 freeway east of the Rocky Peak exit on the evening of Saturday, December 3, but NPS heard about the accident a few days later. Jeff Sikich who works for the National Park Service, found the collar and knew the animal had been killed. Her body was collected by sanitation workers, said NPS' Kate Kuykendall. "Navigating our complex road network is a major challenge for mountain lions in...