Ford Focus Titanium: Power and Convenience


Life’s never dull when you’re the daughter of a newspaper publisher. New and random curiosities make their way into your home all the time: one day there’s a novel from an up-and-coming author on your desk, the next day you’re presented with free stationary, and every so often you even get free admission to an amusement park, all submitted by various businesses in the hopes of being featured in the paper. One of the most enjoyable perks to the newspaper business –free Disneyland tickets aside – are the cutting edge cars I get to ride in from time to time. See, every now and again my dad’s ancient 2001 Prius wheezes to a halt and needs to visit the geriatrician for repairs. In the interim, if we’re lucky, we are presented with a contemporary ride to review. So when the Prius coughed to a halt one recent day, I just smiled and wondered what would be awaiting me in the garage the following day.

In the morning, my dad opened the garage door with a flourish. A single light beamed down on the mystery vehicle, a bold, robust thing gleaming cherry red. The sturdy front grille and smooth frame simply radiated power. The beast was introduced as the 2014 Ford Focus Titanium.

Driving became cool again for my dad with his hot new ride, and it seems he became much more eager to chauffer his family around with such a cool chariot. As a family of four, we were a bit cramped within the thick exterior walls, but it sure was a fun ride for those of us who aren’t claustrophobic. The body of the car is small enough to maneuver the jungles of busy roads, yet large enough to command respect from Smart Cars and SUVs alike. My dad said he felt like he wielded tremendous power while behind the wheel of the Ford Focus Titanium.

The car’s mighty exterior is complemented by a modern interior equipped with contemporary technology. When my dad first tried to start the car, all the flashy buttons and controls were so alien to him, it took a while before we could go anywhere. I was a few minutes late to school that day: just another element of being related to a newspaper publisher. However, once my dad got the car figured out a few days later, he said himself it was “really not that hard to use.”

Starting the car was truly a breeze thanks to “Intelligent Access” technology. The driver need only touch the door handle with the key fob in his or her pocket, and the door will unlock seamlessly. Then, rather than bothering with turning a key in the ignition, the driver merely presses a button to start the car. To aid in maneuvering tight spaces, the car emitted all kinds of fun bleeps and showed a real-time image on the screen to warn drivers of proximity to obstacles. My dad described this as “a helpful safety feature.” As we cruised along, we began to take full advantage of the Sirius XM Satellite radio, now a standard feature in this Ford model. With over 130 specialized radio stations, the only problem was choosing between the Canadian pop music or The Mormon Channel. For consummate comfort while cruising, the dual zone temperature control system allowed for the driver and passenger each to set their own localized climate.

Overall, this is a car that truly caters to convenience. Every amenity has been provided in this formidable machine. If you are undaunted by a vehicle packed with power, if you crave a car outfitted with all of today’s tech bells and whistles, then the Ford Focus Titanium may be the car for you. (So long as your backseat-ers are willing to sacrifice a little leg room.) As for us, it may be hard to give it up once the old rustbucket gets working again. As the daughter of a newspaper publisher who’s tried out a lot of cars, I can honestly say that the Ford Titanium is singularly unforgettable.


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