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Man Accused of Scaring Neighbors

with BB Gun

Santa Monica Police say neighbors miss took a BB gun for a rifle and called them when they thought a man, who appeared drunk, was pointing the gun at her. It happened at a home on the 1400 block of 17th Street on March 10 at 6:30 in the afternoon. They say a woman reported her neighbor activating the lever on a lever action rifle and pointing the gun at her while she was standing in the courtyard. Authorities say when they arrived they found the suspect, John Cleland who admitted playing with the gun, sitting on the front porch. They say Cleland told them that the gun was only a BB gun and officers confirmed that that was the case. Authorities say that officers determined that Cleland was intoxicated and arrested him for being drunk in public. Cleland received a 250-dollar bail. Lawmen report that they mistook and item in the yard for a pipe bomb and called in the Bomb Squad. They say once they determined it was not a bomb they unscrewed one of the ends and found a found a green leafy substance inside resembling marijuana.

Drug Deal Gone Bad

A woman accused of dealing with drugs was caught by Santa Monica police and is behind bars. Authorities say on March 10 around 7 in the evening they were monitoring the 1600 block of 17th Street when they think they witnessed a hand-to-hand drug deal. Police officers stopped the two women and as it turns out one of them was on probation. Lawmen say an investigation revealed that one suspect Holly Tilley of Gardena had sold methamphetamine to the other woman. They say they the second suspect Cheryl Rowe of Santa Monica agreed to a search and they found methamphetamine on her, which they believed she had purchased. Both women were arrested for possession of methamphetamine and one for sales of methamphetamine. Authorities say in the jail, they found methamphetamine concealed in Tilley's underwear during her booking search.

Officers Arrest Thief Who Returned


Santa Monica police say they arrested a man accused of burglary while he was returning a stolen item. Lawmen report they responded to a call at Marine Terrace regarding someone loitering and acting suspicious in the yard inside the secured residential property on March 9 at 8:40 in the morning. They say the tenant, who had complained to them, helped them search the property. Lawmen report they detained and searched the suspect Mark Shakar, and found an Apple adapter/ charger which he had dropped as they stopped him. Officers say another neighbor told them she had seen Shakar a day earlier. They say she told them that she was inside her house feeding her baby when the front door opened and the suspect walked in. Lawmen report that she said she yelled at Shakar to leave. They say she continued to tell officers that Shakar told her that he had returned her laptop computer and wanted money. Authorities say she looked in the living room and saw her laptop, which she had seen last the night before in her bedroom, on the floor. Police say when asked if she was missing the adapter/ charger to her laptop, she noticed it was missing. They say Shakar was arrested for burglary and given a 50,000-dollar bond.

Sex Registrant Caught while Smoking

in Public

Santa Monica Police say on March 4 they responded to a call on the 1500 block of Palisades Park about a man yelling and screaming while walking in and out of businesses in the area. Lawmen report they saw the homeless suspect Jimmy McClain wearing pink bikini bottoms over a one-piece multi colored women's swimsuit. They say he was smoking which violates Santa Monica's city ordinance. Authorities say when they detained McClain he became argumentative and accused them of raping him. Officers say while in jail he was determined to be a sex registrant who had not properly registered as such. They say McClain was charged with a smoking ordinance violation and failing to properly register as a sex offender.


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