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Arrested for cursing in public

Santa Monica Police say they received a disturbance call on April 21 at approximately 12:30 at night. Authorities say, Officers when the officers arrived at the scene, an alley behind 1515 Ocean Ave they found Ali Gholami of Los Angeles yelling curse words with his belongings strewn across the alley. They say the property owner told officers he asked the suspect to stop yelling and to leave the property several times but he refused. Lawmen report the property owner requested a private person arrest for disturbing the peace. Gholami was arrested and received a 10,000-dollar bail.

Home Surveillance Equipment Helps

Catching Thief

Santa Monica Police say they responded to a burglary in progress on the 300 block of California Avenue on April 21 at noon. Lawmen report the victim told them she was watching her home surveillance camera from work and she could see her ex-boyfriend entering her apartment though a window. They say she also told them they had been apart since 2005 and she did not give him permission to be in her apartment. Authorities report they saw the suspect Martin Squires of Marina Del Rey leaving the area in his car. They say they then conducted a traffic stop and confirmed the driver of the car was the ex-boyfriend and the same person the victim saw on her surveillance camera. Lawmen report after officers searched the suspect's car they found property taken from the victim's apartment. Squires was charged with burglary and given a 50,000-dollar bond.

Riding a Bike on a Sidewalk Leads to

Drug Related Charges

Santa Monica police say officers stopped Kyle Motes for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk in the 400 block of Santa Monica Blvd. They say it happened on April 18 at 10 at night. Lawmen report they recognized the bicyclist from prior contacts and knew him to be on probation. They say after searching Motes they found methamphetamine along with other narcotics paraphernalia. Motes was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia. They say he received no bail.


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