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Two Allegedly Drunk Men End Up in Jail

after Resisting and Threatening Police

Santa Monica Police say officers responded to the area of 4th St. and Colorado Ave. regarding a report of two men threatening to shoot mall security. They say the incident happened on April 27 at approximately five in the afternoon.

Lawmen report it all started when the two were causing a disturbance at the Nike store located at the Santa Monica Place Mall. When security intervened, they say, one of the men pulled out a 750ml bottle of Wild Turkey whiskey and held it over his shoulder in a threatening manner. Authorities say he then began reaching into his bag and said, "I have a 22, I'll shoot you." They say once police arrived, one man complied with their commands and was placed in handcuffs. However, officers say when they tried escort that man to their car, he attempted to head-butt the officer. They say once in the car, he started to bang his head and tried to kick out the windows. Lawmen report the second man who had started the majority of the incident, refused to comply with the officers and resisted arrest. They say Jonathan Doucette was ultimately placed in handcuffs and arrested for criminal threats, resisting arrest and public Intoxication and given a 50-thousand-dollar bond.

Police say the other suspect Jerry Maxwell was arrested for resisting arrest and public intoxication and given a 10-thousand-dollar bond.

Trying to Avoid Parking Ticket Lands

Man in Jail

Santa Monica police say they responded to the 2200 block of Arizona when a Traffic Service Officer activated his emergency help button after being assaulted by a violator he attempted to issue a parking ticket.

The incident happened on April 28 at around three the in the afternoon. Lawmen report the traffic officer asked the suspect driver Attila Korosi of Los Angeles, who was parked in a preferential parking space, to move his car since he did not have the appropriate placard. Authorities say Korosi told them he was waiting for his friend who was at St. Johns and he would move when his friend arrived. They say he then left his car and stood behind the rear license plate as to block it from the traffic officer's view. Lawmen report that after asking Korosi several more times to move the car, the traffic officer exited his scooter and began to issue a parking ticket. They say that is when Korosi forced himself between the traffic officer and the car by pushing the officer out of the way. Authorities say Korosi pushed the officer several more times with his shoulder and arm until the traffic officer retreated back to his scooter and activated his emergency button.

After the initial investigation was completed, officers say they arrested the Korosi for battery on code enforcement officer during the performance of his duties. He was given a 20-thousand-dollar bond.

Carrying an Unregistered Gun Lands Man behind Bars

Santa Monica police say they responded to the area of 10th St. and Wilshire Blvd. regarding a man with a gun on April 27 at around 2:30 in the morning. Lawmen report further comments of the call said the male was wearing no shirt, no shoes, and had a gun tucked in his pants. They say they coordinated their approach and found the suspect Nicholas Hahn of Santa Monica ducking behind a trash bin, throwing the loaded semi-automatic firearm onto the ground and complying with their orders. Authorities report Hahn was detained without further incident. They say Hahn told them that he lives in the area and always carries his firearm with him wherever he goes.

Officers say the gun was confiscated and Hahn was arrested for unlawfully carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm and was given 500-thousand-dollar bond.


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