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The Chief Obstacle

Many words were written about the stab in the back that the Clippers got from their owner, and many more words on the subject will follow... on my end, I'd like to add one word - I am ASHAMED.

I'm so ashamed that right on holocaust remembrance day, while i'm lighting a memorial candle for the innocent souls of six million jews, my people, who were slaughtered with cruelty due to extreme racism, a jewish man would allow himself to express himself so disgracefully towards other human beings, and even worse - who is he turning against??

Shame on you Mr. Sterling - you forgot where you came from! Have you forgotten what happened to your own nation 75 years ago?

Low people like you do are unworthy of being in a key position and do not deserve to have influence.

I fully support the commissioner's decision and hope that soon new owners will be found for the Clippers, who will appreciate the treasure that this team is.

For now, my dear brothers, the Clippers family, it is time to focus on the essence and to block these evil forces from hurting your spirit and the free will of your heart and distract you from your goal - to attain a championship.

Right now we have to concentrate on helping the players draw strength and to overcome the insult so that they can emerge even stronger to reach their destination.

Remember that feeling insulted only weakens us and awakens anger and will for revenge and that type of energy will only push you away from your center and can only weaken you. Remember dear brothers that to master the game and to be the best team in the world you have to transcend both physically and spiritually and to connect to the intense potency that only comes from a peaceful connection to the soul.

Please don't get side tracked - remember that the moment before the great light life has presented an obstacle to test how worthy you are of holding the cup.

Only those who stick with their goal and believe in their spirit can overcome the most difficult obstacle The "chief obstacle" those are the people who reach their dream.

Please don't fall into the trap set by small people.

You are ONE, and you're together and you've worked way too hard this season to give up now.

Strengthen each other and connect to your will power to make history and bring home the cup that you now deserve more than any other team in the league.

Chin up dear friends, remember that you are a role model for millions of people around the world that are watching you now and draw strength from your example. Show the world what's the real force that's drives this team - not just physically although you're in amazing shape, not just mentally although you are very bonded and are playing 'in the flow', now also spiritually - that your soul is strong and connected to the truth and not letting the ego and darkness to dim your light and divert you from your center.

Look ahead, spread your wings, overcome this challenge like real men, and race toward the cup because it's yours to have! and it's awaiting you right around the corner.


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