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  • Listen To The Magic: "Koby! We need you! This Country needs to come together & you are able to bring us all together!"

    Bosmat Eynav, Sports Columnist|Dec 23, 2017

    Imagine a gathering of 20,000 people, all coming together to celebrate their hero, Kobe Bryant, leaving the Lakers. They see both his jerseys, No. 8 & 24 hanging on the dais for display. This outstanding production was one of the best shows of teamwork, just like the Lakers Family knows how to do it. The atmosphere in Staples Center was intimate. The Spirit of Love & Gratitude was to the fullness & we were continually surrounded by High Appreciation. The Lakers shared many of their unique...

  • John Wooden's Final Recruit Carries His Legacy Raymond Townsend Now Trains Youngsters – Thousands Of Them

    Bosmat Eynav, Sports columnist|Mar 21, 2016

    This is a story of a remarkable soul, Raymond Townsend, the first Filipino-American to play in the NBA and the legendary John Wooden's last recruit before retiring. For me it's inspiring to see how a retired NBA player merges into their life after the playing career. How are all those skills trans- formed to leadership? Raymond, who has fame and power, dedicated his life to educate youngsters behind the scene and plant In their consciousness strong seeds to succeed in life. He was a member of...

  • Clippers: Just Breathe And Believe

    Bosmat Eynav, Sports Columnist|May 4, 2015

    In these hot playoff days after 82 games this season it became time for the best eight teams in the Western Conference to compete. Four are left. So which team will win? Not a simple question which has been discussed extensively. Early this season it was clear the battle would be tough because this year there are some truly excellent teams in the conference and for we basketball lovers... this is a real treat to watch - a pure pleasure. So the first round ended with the Golden State Warriors,...

  • My New Year's Resolution For The Clippers

    Bosmat Eynav, Sports Columnist|Dec 29, 2014

    Imagine we could travel back and forth in time and zoom in on the last three years for the Clippers: To refresh your memory, up until the 2011-12 season the Clippers were a team that for years struggled at the margins/bottom of the league, and didn't pose a real threat on other teams Then there was a turning point – under the maestro's wand of their coach, Vinny del Negro, the team made it to the playoffs and it seemed like the Clippers has broken the cycle of defeat. Perhaps a new force e...


    Bosmat Eynav, Sports Columnist|Sep 29, 2014

    As a professional volleyball player in my younger years I have a special affinity to that sport. As an Israeli woman I was obligated to serve in the army for two years which unfortunately ended my indoor volleyball career. But as we know, everything happens for a good reason. That was the trigger that started my beach volleyball days. Kerri Walsh Jennings is the best beach volleyball player in the world. She's won three Olympic gold medals representing the United States. But as we know it's not...

  • The Chief Obstacle

    Bosmat Eynav|Apr 28, 2014

    Many words were written about the stab in the back that the Clippers got from their owner, and many more words on the subject will follow... on my end, I'd like to add one word - I am ASHAMED. I'm so ashamed that right on holocaust remembrance day, while i'm lighting a memorial candle for the innocent souls of six million jews, my people, who were slaughtered with cruelty due to extreme racism, a jewish man would allow himself to express himself so disgracefully towards other human beings, and e...

  • Here's How Clippers Can Win: Have Trust In Their Will Power

    Bosmat Eynav, Sports Columnist|Apr 21, 2014

    By Bosmat Eynav Observer Columnist Clippers and the Warriors - two young teams that long to make history and bring championship to their club and fans After decades at the bottom of the league and not being a real threat, this year a big change is happening. In the first game we saw how the high pressure to win was paralyzing a number of Clippers players, and prevented the team from flowing freely and playing as naturally and joyfully as they know and can. The desire of both teams to make the ch...

  • With Blake Gone Where's The Lakers' Backbone?

    Bosmat Eynav, Sports Columnist|Feb 24, 2014

    Every player on the team is subjected to two opposing forces: Negative Force: drives the player to detach from the team Positive Force: bonds and connects the player to the team In my opinion Steve Blake is the player who contributes most significantly to the group's bonding force on the court. Sadly, it seems like the Lakers have given up the strongest positive force on the team, the BG bond that unifies five players into one cohesive unit that keeps running forward. Then despite the many...

  • Everybody Wants A Friend Like Matt Barnes

    Bosmat Eynav|Nov 18, 2013

    Matt Barnes is one of the strongest defensive players in the NBA, excelling through his entire career with his determination, efficiency, his blocking abilities, mental resilience and mostly by how much he cares about his friends. With his strong will, he is there for them at any cost. The Clippers' forward from UCLA will be there for his team members even when he has to sacrifice himself, his money and his time in the game. He's truly extraordinary. Unfortunately, all these important qualities...