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Here's How Clippers Can Win: Have Trust In Their Will Power

By Bosmat Eynav

Observer Columnist

Clippers and the Warriors - two young teams that long to make history and bring championship to their club and fans After decades at the bottom of the league and not being a real threat, this year a big change is happening.

In the first game we saw how the high pressure to win was paralyzing a number of Clippers players, and prevented the team from flowing freely and playing as naturally and joyfully as they know and can.

The desire of both teams to make the change is immense, and is obviously accompanied by pressure and fear that they might lose this series It is possible that Doc will modify some tactics, or make rotations, but what I see as the key to victory is based not on their physical abilities but on mental resilience.

It is based on finding a way to function well under pressure and to keep enjoying the game, despite the extreme pressures applied from all directions, on staying centered and coming from a place of strong will power, trusting, joy, enjoyment, confidence and inner peace, and on knowing that they're winning the series, remembering that that's their job for the season and focusing on "do your best and god will do the rest" in one word: to have faith!!

The bottom line for you, dear Clippers, is that your connection to your center, to your will power, will determine how much force and vitality you will attain on the court, so that you can conquer this victory.

You deserve it, your bonding as a team, your electrifying dynamics, the delight you radiate, the joy you bring to your fans, all these wonderful qualities that you have developed and worked so hard for now work for you.

Don't lose track and go get them.


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