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Battery Suspect Caught

Santa Monica Police say officers received a call of a fight in the area of 3rd St. and Broadway on July 19 at about 1:45 am. They say the suspect Rodney Gray approached a man and punched him several times before running away. The victim and surrounding witnesses told the officers the attack was unprovoked. Authorities say several of the responding officers were flagged down by witnesses directing them to the Gray in the 500 block of Broadway where they detained him and ultimately arrested him for battery and for an outstanding warrant. Gray received a 21,500 bail. The victim received minor injuries and denied medical treatment.

Burglary Suspect Nabbed

Santa Monica Police report officers were assigned to work a burglary suppression detail in the parking structures of the 3rd St. Promenade on July 16 at around 2:30pm. Authorities say undercover officers watched as a man used a flashlight to look into several cars. They say before breaking into a car, the man got into a black sedan and left the structure. Lawmen report next uniformed officers conducted a traffic stop on the driver and asked for his license. They say the driver said he didn't have it with him but gave them the name of Gary Allen Gilbert and then he consented to a search of his car, which led to the discovery of numerous burglary tools and evidence of other vehicle burglaries. Authorities say they arrested the driver and took him to the jail for processing. They say while at the jail, the suspect admitted to using his deceased brother's name and finally gave the officers his true name David Smith. Smith was arrested for possession of stolen property, false impersonation of another, possession of burglary tools, probation revocation and outstanding warrants and given a 22,736-dollars bail.

Riding Bike without a Headlight Leads to Drug Charges

Santa Monica police say officers were on patrol when they saw a man riding a bicycle without a headlight in the area of 17th St. and Colorado Ave on July 20 at approximately 12:15am. They say they conducted a traffic stop and began talking to the man. Lawmen report they learned he was on probation and asked him if he had anything illegal in his pockets and he said, "No." Authorities say the officers believed he was lying and asked him again and this time the man said he had methamphetamine and heroin in his bicycle basket, underneath his dog. Lawmen report they arrested Mario Torres of Santa Monica for possession of a controlled substance. The officers say they then called Torres' family and asked them to take possession of the dog so it wouldn't have to go to the animal shelter. They say the dog was taken home.


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