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L.A.'s Kitchen and Bath Visionary Retailer Turns 65!

L.A.'s Kitchen and Bath Visionary

Retailer Turns 65!

Los Angeles' fondness for luxe European-inspired kitchens and bathroom fixtures is thanks to the forward vision of Snyder Diamond.

Snyder Diamond, doing business 65 years in 2014, is an L.A. success story that exemplifies the power of aiming high.

The suppliers of the most luxurious bath amenities in Los Angeles, including top-of-the-line chef's kitchen ovens, baths, appliances and the ultimate spa experience for comfort and wellness-- the Horizontal Shower--at a cool $35,000, began as a humble plumbing supply company. Snyder Diamond today is the vision of president and second-generation leader of the company Russ Diamond, who believes in luxury, quality, and studying product trends in Europe for innovative inspiration. "Part of my passion is design, and sourcing products that you're not going to see in other places in Los Angeles." Diamond's showrooms feature the most comprehensive array of designer kitchen, bath and hardware lines in the business, catering to the design stars of the industry, as well as to the public.

A brief history of Snyder Diamond:

Snyder Diamond began in the late 1940s when entrepreneurial founders Lou Snyder and Walter Diamond joined forces. They were the first entrepreneurs to combine bath and kitchen products in one design showcase, establishing the company as the premiere decorative and luxury showroom of its kind on the west coast.

With designer showrooms in Santa Monica, North Hollywood and Pasadena, Snyder Diamond, led by president Russ Diamond, has continued the pioneering spirit of the firm. "A home is really bought and sold based on the quality of the kitchen or the bathroom. Kitchens now have become part of the grand living space. It's really where the whole family congregates," says Diamond, "influencing the overall appraised value of the home."Diamond is dedicated to providing the most personalized service in the luxury appliance, decorative plumbing and hardware industry. His company continues to showcase the latest styles, from traditional to contemporary to cutting-edge, displaying a diverse selection of high-design operating fixtures and appliances.

For the discerning foodie, this year Snyder Diamond introduced the super-automatic Top Brewer coffee maker for the home, which is entirely smart phone and tablet controlled. The elegant system, priced from $8,000 to $11,000, is hands-off, and highly engineered to produce one of the most customized cups of coffee ever ordered up. This year is the residential debut of Maestro by Bonnet, one of the most extraordinary residential ranges ever designed. Among its features are a French top, an incredibly efficient and versatile heated cast iron surface that is the most sought after function by the world's finest restaurant chefs, including chef Thomas Keller of French Laundry.

How does it feel running a business turning 65? According to Diamond, "It's a pretty celebratory occasion, and one that makes us proud. My mission is to continue to seek out the latest concepts in kitchen and bath products from all over the world to feature in Los Angeles. With our strong sales and marketing team, and original events for the design and architecture professional, I'm dedicated to seeing the company thrive well beyond the next 65 years."

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