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September 15, 2014

Dear Editor,

Anyone who follows the airport issue knows that while City staff does a great job actually running the airport, the City Council-appointed Airport commission is trying to strangle the airport out of existence with hostile leasing policies and other attempted restrictions. That’s why Measure D provides that no new restrictions can be imposed on the airport without a vote of the people. Most voters in Santa Monica support the airport. Measure D will make sure that the airport can’t be closed by “other means.” The City’s sponsored Measure LC, however, maintains Council control without voter approval. This is why I am voting YES on Measure D and NO on Measure LC.

Furthermore, I do not want the City Council to spend millions of our tax dollars fighting the FAA, and very likely losing. Then the FAA could take back the airport and we could have a hub for local commercial airlines.

On the off chance that the City wins, the City Council has stated there are no other options but to “develop” the land: meaning more traffic, pollution, lower LAX jets, and a lower quality of life in the Westside.

LC should stand for the people Losing Control of their way of life.

D stands for Democracy!


Michael J Kent, Concerned Resident of Sunset Park


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