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Statement from Sandra Fluke


October 20, 2014

I'm thrilled to be running for the State Senate in such an incredible district, which includes Santa Monica and other iconic neighborhoods like West Hollywood, Venice and the Beach Cities, a district that I've called home for seven years. I've spent my career as an advocate for the public interest, always with the mission of making people's lives better and giving a voice to those who aren't always heard. Now I'm running for public office – not a role I saw myself in when I first became a public interest advocate. But the reason I'm running is because I believe it is the best way for me to continue the work I have done throughout my career, and being a State Senator would be an incredible opportunity to be a strong advocate for you. I'd like to tell you a little bit more about myself, my campaign, and why I'd like to represent Santa Monica in the State Senate.

What defines my career is that I've always sought to be an independent voice and remain true to my values, a responsibility I take very seriously, and something I think is missing too often in our state government. A few years ago, I took on Rush Limbaugh and other extremists to fight for comprehensive access to women's health care. While I don't think this experience is what qualifies me to be your next State Senator, I do think it, along with how I've conducted my campaign, gives you a clear example of my character, and that I will never back down from fighting for what I believe in, no matter how tough the fight or what the personal consequences may be.

But what does qualify me to be your next State Senator is my years of legislative experience. In Sacramento, I've worked to increase access to early childhood education, fight child poverty, achieve gender quality both in our government and in the workplace, ensure that workers have the wages and protections they deserve and support victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. I've passed state legislation and accomplished real change for our communities. I want to go to Sacramento as your State Senator to continue fighting for our shared values, and there is so much work to be done. College tuition is too high and goes up every year. Parents shouldn't have to worry when their daughters go to college that the university will turn a blind eye to sexual assault on campus. Our drought feels like it is an almost hopeless situation. We have chronic infrastructure and public transportation problems that are holding our region back. But for every one of these serious problems, I truly believe that there can be a smart policy solution if it is done the right way, with independence and not pressure from special interests.

I've always sought to be an independent voice and remain true to my values, something that is missing far too often in our state government. We all know how devastating big money has been for our democracy, which is why campaign finance reform is a top priority of mine. We must fight to ensure community voices are heard, and special interests don't have so much influence. I am incredibly proud of how I am funding my campaign, and have put a lot of work into living my values. I'm funding my campaign in an untraditional way, with the support of more than 4,700 donors, a full 85% of whom are small dollar contributors giving $250 or less. These are folks who want special interests to have less of a voice in our lawmaking and know I'll amplify voters' voices. Having this kind of support gives me the independence we're all looking for in our elected leaders, and the ability to remain accountable and fight for our community in the State Senate.

California has been a leader on so many important issues - from environmental protection, to health care, to gender equality. We are uniquely positioned to lead the nation on campaign finance reform, and I will fight to ensure that happens in the State Senate.

In terms of work I've done in our community, I chair the National Council of Jewish Women Advocacy Training Project, giving community leaders the tools they need to advocate for the causes they care about. With the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, I produced a film to help domestic violence victims obtain restraining orders and represented those victims at Neighborhood Legal Services. And at the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, I'm one of the longest running volunteer attorneys, representing victims of human trafficking here in Los Angeles. I advise the California Democratic Party Veterans Caucus, work with the California Women Lawyers and serve on the Board Emerge California, an organization dedicated to getting more women to run for office.

I have a decade of experience working in local, national and state level politics, on a broad range of issues. If you would give me the honor of being your State Senator, I can promise that I will continue to fight for issues like accessible and affordable healthcare including reproductive health, protecting our environment, investing in transportation alternatives to alleviate traffic, passing real campaign finance reform to get big money out of politics and much more.

And as your State Senator, I want you to know that I will always be asking you for your input on what the state can do to better serve Santa Monica. I want to hear from you – and not just when I'm on the campaign trail hearing from voters every day. Whether I get to meet you in person or I hear from you by phone, email or even social media, your feedback and support is always welcome and is what will guide my work.

I am proud to have the support of the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, California's Firefighters & Paramedics, and California's Teachers and Nurses. I'm also proud to have Congresswoman Janice Hahn, Congresswoman Karen Bass, Attorney General Kamala Harris and Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin standing with my campaign. They all believe I am the best choice to represent this district because I'm going to be a legislator who will be always fight hard for my constituents, and put the needs of the community above all else.

I decided to run for office because I believe it is the most effective way I can continue to fight for the values I've devoted my career to, and I look forward to working with you to move California forward. To find out more about my priorities, career and campaign, visit I would be honored to have your support and I hope you remember to vote on November 4th!

- Sandra Fluke is a Democratic candidate running in the 26th State Senate District


Reader Comments

MylaReson writes:

Hi Sandra, In your statement you tell us that you passed state legislation. Please tell us what legislation you passed. Bill numbers and titles would be helpful. Thanks!


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