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Pet Ban Finalized


March 23, 2015

The author with her ferocious, dangerous Australian bearded dragon lizard, Zeus. No public parks for this couple!

On Tuesday, the Santa Monica City Council unanimously approved a ban on anyone bringing any reptile, bird, or non-human primate into any city park. Though the Council alleged this ordinance was directed toward the handful of opportunists on the Pier who offer tourists a photo with their snakes and birds, the new law will affect every owner of a reptile or bird in the city of Santa Monica - probably several thousand citizens. It will also prevent veterinarians at the VCA facility near Douglas Park from bringing sick pets into the park for needed sun and air.

No discussion accompanied the vote on Tuesday night. Public comment was not allowed for this second reading of the ordinance, which describes all reptile and bird pets as "non-domesticated, and potentially vicious, ferocious or

dangerous animals."

Violation of the law, which would include bringing your parakeet or bearded dragon into a city park to sit in the sun, would involve either a misdemeanor or infraction with fines up to $500 and jail time up to six months.

The ordinance allows the city to collect fees for permits to allow "community events" or films to have these animals in a public park


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