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Quelle Surprise: It's Not OJ's Murder Knife

Weapon turned in 18 years ago to LAPD Officer Unconnected to Murder


March 14, 2016

OJ Simpson In Jail Before Trial

A knife reportedly found at the O.J. Simpson's former estate is not connected to the one-time football star's infamous 1994 murder case, Los Angeles police confirmed Friday.

Forensic testing concluded that the small buck knife was unrelated to the grisly deaths of Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The strange blade, allegedly found when Simpson's Brentwood manse was being leveled in 1998 and kept as a souvenir by a retired traffic cop, added a bizarre twist to the stunning murder case when officials announced its discovery last month.

Sources told the Daily News at the time that the small knife was inconsistent with the wounds suffered by Brown and Goldman.

Simpson, charged with the brutal slayings, was found not guilty after a blockbuster criminal trial that captivated the nation.

Investigators never found the murder weapon.

Over the years, several knives have been turned in to the LAPD as the possible murder weapon only to be ruled out after further investigation.

Simpson had bought a 15-inch stiletto knife six weeks before the killings, but it was dismissed by detectives as the murder weapon.

Parts of another knife were also recovered from a waste storage tank at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, where Simpson flew the night of the murders.


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