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Breaking: Cruz and Kasich Combine Delegates to Unite Never Trump Movement

Divide upcoming states between them--Cruz gets Indiana, Kasich Oregon


Ted Cruz & Donald Trump

Ted Cruz and John Kasich suddenly issued statements that they will cooperate Sunday night. For the first time, the second and third running candidates will coordinate in a desperate bid to keep the Republican Party's presidential nomination, out of the hands of first place runner Donald Trump.

The two men issued statements saying they will divide their efforts in upcoming contests. Ted Cruz focus on Indiana, and Kasich will campaign in Oregon and New Mexico. The strategy is intended to deny Trump the 1,237 delegates necessary to claim to GOP nomination this summer. The frontrunner currently has 837 pledged delegates.

In a statement, Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe said Texas Sen. Cruz will focus on the May 3 Indiana primary. Meanwhile, Ohio Gov. Kasich will have a free hand in the Oregon and New Mexico primaries later in May.

Roe described Trump's apparently lock on the nomination "a sure disaster." He wrote, "to ensure that we nominate a Republican who can unify the Republican Party and win in November, our campaign will focus its time and resources in Indiana and in turn clear the path for Gov. Kasich to compete in Oregon and New Mexico".

Kasich's chief strategist, John Weaver, said in a separate statement: "Due to the fact that the Indiana primary is winner-take-all statewide and by congressional district, keeping Trump from winning a plurality in Indiana is critical to keeping him under 1,237 bound delegates before Cleveland. We are very comfortable with our delegate position in Indiana already, and given the current dynamics of the primary there, we will shift our campaign's resources West and give the Cruz campaign a clear path in Indiana."

The Trump campaign reacted with characteristic verve. "Two losing politicians-mathematically eliminated from receiving the nomination-try something NEW! They will FAIL!" Tweeted Don Scavino, Trump's media director.

And from Donald Trump himself, this tweet: "Wow, just announced that Lyin' Ted and Kasich are going to collude in order to keep me from getting the Republican nomination. DESPERATION!"

Political analysts have long noted that Kasich could combine his 150 delegates with Ted Cruz's 612, and have a better chance of keeping Trump from the nomination.


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