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When Doves Cry

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to this thing called life . . . .

Series: Hilarious Hollywood | Story 1

It was with a deep and heavy heart that I heard a few days ago that the legendary Prince was dying, I shared the news with a few friends but didn't write it much the despair of my editor. Today I wrote what I had been told and what a day it turned out to be! Holy Jehovah! The nasty comments, emails, calls, tweets, was more than I could have hoped for!

I was trending....

What amazes me is that not one concerned Jehovah and I mean not one mentioned of the loss of Prince, HIV, nothing, just ranting on about their beliefs (interesting how most of them were ex-Jehovah) and insulting me, so I have a message for my trolling Shi*nesses, oops Witnesses, stop stalking me and go knock on a few doors, we are not buying what Prince sadly bought and handsomely paid for no doubt, we are all good here, this is Hollywood, and here I am the one who knocks!

The sudden sickening loss of this great talented genius comes after the tragic losses of iconic David Bowie, brilliant Eagles founder Glenn Frey, Earth Wind and Fire's soulful Maurice White, so sad, so many irreplaceable iconic geniuses but on a positive note I heard Justin Bieber was seen high fiving Britney Spears celebrating that they would live a long long life.

Self declared genius Kanye West appeared on the deservedly cancelled 'Cocktails With Khloe' this week and having tied up his rapping Unicorn that he thought he rode in on, he announced he would run for president in 2020. After I picked myself up off the floor in laughter and pinched myself to see if I was awake, he then added that "it's like I feel I can see the future." Apparently Lamar Odom was heard being carried off wearing a small white fitted vest screaming "Look away Kanye, look away...."

Keeping up with the Kardashian family I have to mention that another Presidential nut job Mr T. has said that he would let Caitlyn Jenner use any bathroom in Trump Tower that she wanted. How liberal of him? Apparently he then sent an intern out shopping for bricks so Caitlyn could build it herself.

I have to give a shout out to songstress Mariah Carey who threw a party in Lake Como, Italy, for her upcoming Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour. She asked her friends to come as their favorite version of herself, narcissistic clearly reach grandeur heights, apparently four of her besties showed up as a cash register?

I personally got to live out a sweet sweet fantasy of my own in the early 90's in the coolest club spot called Browns, I danced the night away with Prince, to his music only as he insisted and when they play other artists he sat on the floor tantrum like with his arms folded, he knew there was no music worth dancing to other than his, he was and always will be right, now he can duke it out with the Thin White Duke as they explain to the angels that a harp just won't cut it! RIP Prince. This is what it feels like when doves cry.


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