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Metro Train vs. Car Collision

Some people just have to beat the train!


The Metro Train has yet to open and Santa Monica has it's second train vs car collision!

Says the SMFD: "At approximately 7:30 PM, May 11, 2016, Santa Monica Fire Department received word of a train vs. car collision at the intersection of Lincoln and Colorado Blvd. 3 Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 USAR Heavy Rescue Vehicle, and a Battalion Chief Supervisor responded. 1st arriving units found a train into a single vehicle. The train stayed on the tracks, and there were no injuries to the occupants of the vehicle, or the operator of the train. The scene was left in control of SMPD, LA county Sheriff Deputies, and the Metro Rail Operations Center to investigate the cause. The Santa Monica Fire Department would like to remind residents to pay close attention to the movement of trains, and stay clear of the tracks. " This from Dale Hallock, PIO for the SMFD.

No sheet, Sherlock! Those trains have a lot of momentum. Has it occurred to anyone else, that they only reason Metro has spent six months "Testing" the train is, a Darwinian attempt to let everyone know that there is now A TRAIN on Colorado? And that you must avoid it with your relatively tiny car, or you will find out what Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration, really means?

But I digress, no one injured. Just as well. Watch out Santa Monica, the official date for the train's first passenger run is 5/21/16.


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