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Free workshop for Cancer Patients at Benjamin Center

"Women going through cancer are my heroes." Amy Gibson


Sex, Wigs & Whispers: Love and Life with Hair Loss, crosses all barriers as the first book to teach women how to be intimate and date while dealing with wigs and how to regain their power while living with hair loss.

The Founding Chapter of the Worldwide Cancer Support Community, The Benjamin Center of West Los Angeles, is proud to present Amy's Power Wig Workshop© by Amy Gibson on Tuesday, May 24, 2016.

Celebrating its 10 year anniversary, Amy's Power Wig Workshop©, has been helping women learn the tools and find the confidence necessary to move through the hair loss process with greater grace and ease at a most vulnerable time, while discovering the fabulous world of wigs. As a woman's emotional health is of paramount importance for healing from any illness, it's vital for her to maintain as healthy and familiar a self-image as possible during her cancer treatment.

Amy's personal journey with Alopecia Areata hair loss began at age 13, just as she began starring on her first Daytime TV show. Afraid that her hair loss would affect her career, she created numerous techniques to keep it a secret from her fans and colleagues then and over her ensuing 20 year career as a leading television and film actress.

Amy found that there were no resources for education, personal guidance or quality products to help women navigate the emotional pitfalls and practical difficulties of hair loss. Knowing how difficult cancer hair loss can be, she created a fast moving, fun, informative, and complimentary workshop in a positive environment to address basic concerns and bring perspective and peace of mind so a woman can focus better on her healing.

Amy is presenting her workshop in numerous cancer centers across the country and is honored to be invited to the Benjamin Center.

"Women going through cancer are my heroes," says Amy. "Not only do they have to do whatever it takes to stay alive for their loved ones, along with possibly losing a breast, but they often must also endure the devastation of losing all their hair – their "crowning glory." All the while, they're asked to keep a smile on their face, love in their heart, and their hair loss a secret. This is why I say women going through cancer are my heroes." Amy Gibson

The workshop covers:

• How to properly prepare for the hair loss process

• How to avoid the emotional pitfalls that losing one's hair can create, while staying grounded and focused on healing

• How to keep your hair loss a secret

• How to support healthy re-growth after treatment

• How to choose the best wig for you:

o Discover the latest trends

o How to choose the best color, fit, style to make you pop!

o How to properly maintain a wig and make it last

o Synthetic vs. human hair/ valid pricing/realistic costs

o Insurance reimbursement

• Lifestyle (How to live a normal life while wearing wigs):

o How to work out comfortably

o How to date

• Brows and lashes- having them again is possible with the right tools

• Tips from Amy's new book Sex, Wigs & Whispers: Love and Life with Hair Loss

"I was in so much fear when I found out I was going to lose all my hair from chemotherapy that I almost cancelled my treatment altogether. I didn't know where to start, how to handle it or where to start to find a wig that looked like me so no one would know. Amy's Power Wig Workshop made it all so simple. It calmed all my fears, got me totally informed, in control again, and taught me how to get the right wig. Thank you for helping me get "me" back, Amy." Alicia V., Encino, CA.

WHERE: Cancer Support Community | 1990 South Bundy Drive, Suite 100 | Los Angeles CA 90025 | 310.314.2555

WHEN: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 | 11am


About Amy Gibson

"The Voice of Women's Hair Loss," Amy Gibson is the country's leading wig designer and hair loss consultant to women suffering with cancer, alopecia and other related conditions. She is an author, nationally recognized speaker, alopecia activist, Emmy nominated soap opera star and founder of and Salons, a company established to offer women across the globe a solid resource for coping with the effects of hair loss, as well as assisting those seeking to renew their appearance, self-esteem and radiant healthfulness.

Amy Gibson

The Los Angeles Daily News referred to Amy as "a woman on a crusade." Her innovative and resilient spirit led Amy to find solutions in her own life after losing her hair at the tender age of 13 ½ while beginning a successful 20+ years of starring television roles. She has created wonderful solutions for the expanding hair loss market and to give women freedom, such as an international wig line that includes her design of the First Women's Swim Wig with CyberHair, The Water Wig™ and The ResQ Bag®.

Lead roles in Daytime Television included "Love of Life," "The Young and the Restless," and "General Hospital as well as years of prime time. As a highly sought-after female hair loss consultant, she has appeared in the national media on The Doctors, Entertainment Tonight, FOX Nightly News, NBC Nightly News, ABC News, CNN, The Today Show, The Insider,

The Tyra Banks Show, Woman's Day and People Magazine.


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