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By Christine Peake
Observer Staff Writer 

Orlando Shooting. Don't Mention Growing Homophobia Or Gun Control.

Political Convenience Is Getting Old. Call it Homophobia


Political Convenience Is Getting Old.

Today is yet another sad day in what was a great forward moving country. Orlando is the latest victim in a horrific shooting and yes my social media is receiving comments about ISIS but let us not forget that this radical lunatic 29 year old Omar Mateen was able to get his hands on a weapon of war. Reports that he was known to FBI are again being released?

His ex wife is spouting like Amber Heard?

His father claims it was triggered by an incident where he saw a gay couple kissing in Miami two months ago when he was there with his family?

To blame religion and Islam is as always the go to explanation but when is the conversation going to address the guns and growing hate in this country?

Kudos to Santa Monica Police and Fire, who busted an apparent terrorist this a.m.

Racism and homophobia exists and the KKK are having record numbers of new members.

It is heartbreaking and painful for the 50 innocent dead and their friends and families, also possibly more casualties as 53 are also injured. Yet, the urgent issue is not fixed?

Sandy Hook should have been enough.

When will the right wing narrow minded views be addressed here? The fact that Donald Trump even was able to run for president is baffling to me and literally everyone of my friends and writers in Europe.

This country is in trouble.

Ignorance is NOT BLISS.

It is a disease.

God bless America,



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