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Beluga Whales, Bear Cams to be Projected Live on Walls on Third Street Promenade

30 ft Waves, Whales, and Sea Life Splashing Into Santa Monica Public Spaces

June 14, 2016- Evening visitors to Santa Monica will bear witness to hundreds of Walrus lounging in the parking lot. That's not all. Whales the size of a building, fish as big as cars, waves that reach three stories and video of marine life will be cast upon a 100 foot wall in Santa Monica for the next three weeks.

The ad-free endeavor is one in a series of immersive ocean experiences from, the philanthropic media organization and division of the Annenberg Foundation.

The captivating art installation will be anchored by "The Pacific", a Live Cam Production from, the 20-minute short film Executive Produced by Charles Annenberg Weingarten to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the ocean and its inhabitants. The projection will be on the wall of the Laemmle theatre for a three week period (2nd street and Santa Monica Blvd) from 7:30-10:30pm nightly.

"All of our efforts are aimed at inspiring people," said founder Charles Annenberg Weingarten. "People of all walks appreciate beauty, and when they take time to experience it, they are moved to do better things, be it protecting the oceans or simply helping a neighbor.", which operates the world's largest network of live streaming nature cameras, is pioneering new ways for people to experience the ocean and its creatures using live cams, films, and interactive broadcasts in oceans around the world. Ocean Experiences:

Beluga Boat Cam: Travel underwater with the curious white whales as thousands migrate to the warmer waters of Hudson Bay Canada to feed on Salmon and socialize for the summer

Orcas: Watch Orcas in the wild and listen to the acoustics from underwater microphones placed throughout the British Columbian bays where hundreds of the mighty whales come every year

Cape Fear North Carolina Shark Cam: 30 miles off the coast, this deep water camera features a variety of different species of fish, sharks, and rays, and provides a glimpse into the habitat known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic."

Channel Islands Kelp Beds: One of the richest marine environments in the world, live dives from rangers & underwater cams show you where 1,000 unique underwater species call home.

Puffins and Sea Birds: Travel 20 miles off the shores of Maine to watch baby puffins in a burrow, Cormorants, Osprey and other sea bird families raise their young. Take pictures and help scientists develop a new understanding of birds and fish.

Seaside Sunsets: Join the community during golden hour, where the vibe is relaxing and welcoming all to a nice wind down-- from Hawaii to Santa Monica.

Walrus Cam: From the remote Alaskan Islands just 100 miles from Russia, watch thousands of walrus on the beach in the summer of Blubber

#BEARCAM: Bear & Salmon Cam: Watch the most epic event in nature this summer as Bears catch salmon trying to leap 6 ft waterfalls. Underwater cams show salmon gearing up for the upstream battle.

The non-profit, grant-giving organization is producing live feeds of amazing places across the globe. From the mighty Walrus on the islands between Alaska and Russia, to the kelp beds of the Channel Islands, and the deep shark-infested waters of Cape Fear North Carolina, offers advertsing-free content people can watch on any connected device, television or computer. founder, Charles Annenberg Weingarten has been utilizing technology to bring "Pearls of the Planet" to people around the world via live cams in more than 50 locations around the world. From Brown Bears catching salmon on the iconic falls of Katmai National Park in Alaska to cams on Walrus, Puffins and island creatures scattered on desolate islands in the Atlantic and Pacific to underwater shark cams-- has streamed millions of hours of content to millions of people around the world.


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