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By Christine Peake
Observer Staff Writer 

Disney's Dead Boy Deflection.

Ten Simple Tips How Not Get Killed By An Alligator That Disney Won't Tell You!


Two year old Lane Graves senselessly died.

Well I suppose there is always a silver lining!

Will and Melissa Graves, the parents of the 2-year-old boy who was tragically killed by an alligator at Walt Disney World, will "probably" not face charges in the death of their son.

"There's nothing in this case to indicate that there was anything extraordinary [in terms of neglect]," Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings told the Associated Press.

Instead, the sheriff's department is going to team with Florida's wildlife agency to look into how this tragedy can be prevented in the future.

Let me make a few suggestions here as I try to contain my rage.

1 Do not build a white sandy lagoon that has alligators in it.

2 Maybe check your Peter Pan ride. #AlligatorsBad

3 The No Swimming signs should say "get away from here, you could die".

4 Write a big check to the family.

5 Write another check to the construction company that will build a solid fence.

6 Call Donald Trump to build a wall. He will need a job soon.

7 Scrap #5 and Tell Trump there are Mexicans in the lagoon he should retrieve.

8 repeat # 7

9 Contact honest politicians and lawyers and ask them to do the right thing.

10 Someone tell the people of Florida they live in a swamp.

Ok, so...Disney had put up "no swimming" signs around the lagoon where little Lane had been swimming but had not warned about alligators in the area, and authorities are going to look into whether the signs they had were sufficient?

The boy is dead.

Look into that you idiots! Clearly you have your answer.

According to the New York Times, animals like alligators are regularly removed from the resort, the word grabbing my attention here is "regularly" and the theme park even has its own wildlife-management professionals. (Which could mean anything.)

Channing Vendetti innocently wades in alligator filled waters : A little boy was wading in the lagoon at the Disney's Grand Floridian Resort moments earlier than the tragic death of another toddler, Lane Graves, who was drowned by an alligator. Jennifer Vendetti and her son Channing innocently did not anticipate the deathly danger that lurked a few feet away. Jennifer allowed her son to wade in the lagoon, despite the sign that warned people "No Swimming". He wasn't swimming, he was wading and luckily for this boy, he is still breathing.

During the search for the boy's body, officials euthanized five alligators in the lake. Yes FIVE!

Animal expert Jeff Corwin told the Today show that the attack "was an absolute catastrophic, rare event," especially because humans usually scare alligators and are not part of the animal's food chain. "When that happens it's usually because that animal has become accustomed to people,'' he said. "For example, maybe people have been feeding that alligator."

My message to him is he is full of sh*t. Maybe he should go wade amongst alligators too, because the last time I checked and I am not a wildlife expert but I am pretty certain that most, if not all, tend to eat or drown pretty much anything in their path. They make shark week look like the Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

The Graves family thanked the public for their support and asked for privacy while they mourn the loss of Lane.

I am sure they did, once threatened with the "possibility" of a neglect lawsuit, a deflection that the simple fact is, alligators don't differentiate between "no swimming" "no wading" "no standing" the sign should say "no being" or as the Lane's devastated parents tragically learnt, "no human being"!


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