Tallest Bonfire in the World Built in Norway

In annual event, Norwegians set the record for the world's tallest bonfire


World's tallest bonfire in Norway

Is there anything that says Summer Solstice better than a huge pile of wood being set on fire?

Jonsok (St. John's Passing), or St. Hans (St. John's Day), i.e. 24 June, is a commonly observed holiday in Norway. It marks midsummer and the beginning of summer vacation, and is often celebrated by lighting bonfires the evening before. In Northern areas of Norway, this day has 24 hours of light, while southern areas have only 17.5 hours.

T"he Sankthans (Midsummer) bonfire on Slinningsodden in Ålesund over the weekend was measured at 47.4 metres, setting a new world record," says http://www.thelocal.no/20160627/video-norwegians-set-world-record-for-largest-bonfire

The world's tallest Midsummer bonfire was lit on Saturday night, with the fire department and emergency services standing by as observers watched the record fire from land and in small boats.

The world record was confirmed by the Møre and Romsdal Police. According to Sunnmørsposten, the Slinningsodden bonfire was measured by laser at 47.4 metres. It was made up of pallets and was built without any machinery at all.

Around an hour after it was lit, we got to see fire coming down like a waterfall. We were sitting on the beach over 100 meters away, but the heat was still intense. I hope the gods are pleased :) #fire #bonfire #waterfall #firefall #slinningsbålet #hessa #ålesund #norway #midsummer #burn #worldrecord #pyre #sacrifice #pagan #asatru #tradition #party #metal

Video of the world's tallest bonfire


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