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By Nicola Winters
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Forget Me Not: Remember The Date of an Anniversary, Or Else

Westside women forget anniversaries more than men


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The women in Westside are worse than the men when it comes to forgetting anniversaries, according to new findings from Laguna Pearl.

The LA-based pearl specialist conducted a survey asking 1,000 people about their anniversary habits, discovering who the worst culprits were for forgetfulness.

Unlike most areas in LA, more women than men in Westside confessed to having forgotten an anniversary before: 29% have been guilty of this, compared to 24% of men. Westside's men have some of the best memories in all of LA, beaten only by the women of West Valley.

Overall, Westside's respondents were the best in LA for remembering anniversaries: just 27% have ever forgotten the all-important date, whereas the LA average is 29.5%.

We asked the women who have forgotten in the past what caused them to do so, and the following were the reasons they gave:

1. Losing track of what day it is

2. Not knowing the date of the anniversary itself

3. Being too busy to remember

4. Not considering it an important enough occasion to remember

5. Work getting in the way

46% of the women in Westside said that the consider themselves to be quite organised, which is a higher proportion than in any other LA region, and above the average of 40%.

Since these same women also have the highest tendency to forget their anniversaries, are they all being completely honest with themselves about how organised they really are?

Christine Baumgartner, dating and relationship coach at The Perfect Catch, commented that:

"When it comes to forgetting anniversaries, the percentage of women versus men isn't as far apart as people would imagine. Yes, women are typically better at multitasking, but this means they're often overworked and overtired, which will cause them to forget things."

Interesting, a significant number of women in Westside said that they don't consider their anniversary to be important. 16% aligned themselves with this attitude, which is more than the male population in any LA region.

As well as caring a little bit more, the men of Westside are also more generous than their female counterparts. 35% would spend more than $100 on gifts, compared to 29% of women.

This does follow the general trend in LA, which suggests that men are just that little bit more romantic than women, even if they do typically forget the actual date!

When it comes to being prepared, however, the men have a lot of work to do. While the LA male average for leaving gift-buying to the last minute is 31.5%, the men of Westside are significantly worse, with 38% admitting to making purchases at the eleventh hour.

Sammy Rbibo, Managing Director at Laguna Pearl, said:

For more information and to view the regional infographic on site, please visit:

"Last-minute decisions when it comes to gift-buying can be less considered, and leaving this until the last possible second can create unnecessary stress for you.

However, life does sometimes get in the way, and it's not always possible to be prepared. In those cases, it's reassuring to know that there are options. We offer an express shipping service that delivers products within one business day, so you can still get a really thoughtful gift even if you've left it until late!"

The men and women of Westside are doing a pretty good job of keeping on top of their special occasions. With a little bit more effort in getting organised, Westside could become the best place in LA for avoiding anniversary mishaps.

For more information and to view the regional infographic on site, please visit:


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