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Two Interim Superintendents Continue to Collect Salaries During Search for new SMMUSD Chief

SMMUSD Pays $275,000 a year to each of two interim superintendents-- Say What?


August 5, 2016

Eva Mayoral with last years ASB President, Dean Chien. She announced just after school ended that she was quitting and moving to another State, to be closer to family.

Editor's Note: No one knows why, but both Samohi Principal Eva Mayoral and SMMUSD Superintendent Sandra Lyons mysteriously, suddenly quit in June.

Mayoral indicated she had to take care of her sick, adult son in another State. Sandra Lyons said something vague about other opportunities. To tell you the move was political would tell you nothing, since pretty much everything in Santa Monica is political. And pretty much every position at SMMUSD pays really well, so you have to be pretty motivated to leave early.

The two interim superintendents will be making more money, each of them, than the previous superintendent. One would expect miracles from having two qualified administrators who both make more money than their predecessor. Instead, they are telling us that they will not even be able to manage appointing an interim principal at the major high school in the district, a school with close to 3,000 students, until the very opening of school.

Indeed, it is hard to understand why any administrator would choose to leave this district, even with its demanding parents from every part of the socioeconomic spectrum, when this kind of lethargy is accepted. One can only imagine matters must be even more tilted in favor of indifferent administrators in other school districts.Anyway, here is the latest communique from the District.

If you can read between the tea leaves, tell us.--The Editor

Dear Samohi parents and guardians:

As the Co-Interim Superintendents, we are pleased to serve the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District through our projected date of departure at the end of December 2016. We value the opportunity to work with you on behalf of the students in this district. Further, we want you to know that we acknowledge the apprehension you may be feeling as your principal, Ms. Eva Mayoral, leaves the school to join her family in Florida.

Ms. Mayoral is an outstanding educator who has demonstrated dedication to the well-being of students. She has served Samohi and SMMUSD well as a highly effective science teacher, a house principal, JAMS principal and for the past three years as the principal of santa monica high school.

From our conversations with her, as well as students, teachers and parents, it is clear that she has put into place numerous policies and practices that have enhanced all students' opportunities to learn. Even as you experience disappointment about Ms. Mayoral's departure, the good news is that she has left a foundation of good work upon which the school can build and continue to grow.

To minimize interruptions to the body of work Ms. Mayoral had been providing to Samohi students, the SMMUSD district office put into effect immediately following Ms. Mayoral's announced resignation a thorough process for assigning a new principal to Samohi. The district is committed to appointing a person with demonstrated commitment, knowledge and skill to lead as principal of Samohi.

As an important step in the process Deputy Superintendent Dr. Mark Kelly met with santa monica high school parents and teachers on July 19, to provide input on the qualities and characteristics they are looking for in their next principal. Dr. Kelly expressed that he was pleased to find wide agreement between what parents and teachers are looking for in a principal and what the district office has identified as essential qualities for the next principal at Samohi.

Because we do not want to appoint a principal hastily, without adequate deliberation, we will continue a rigorous interview and search process until we are confident that we are able to appoint the person who can guide Samohi to equity and excellence in the years ahead. If we have not identified that person by the opening of school, we will appoint an interim principal with the knowledge and experience that aligns with the unique character of Samohi. In addition, district personnel will be working with the school in the weeks leading to August 22, the first day of school, to ensure that procedures are in place for an orderly and successful school opening.

Taken at the SamoHi graduation in 2015

Thank you for the continued support you provide year after year to santa monica high school. Your presence and engagement with the school are a consistent and constant source of strength. Please continue to work with the district, house principals, teachers, staff and the incoming principal to ensure that students have rich and rigorous opportunities to learn as they prepare for productive postsecondary education and meaningful careers.

Thank you.


Dr. Sylvia Rousseau – email: [email protected]

Dr. Christopher King – email: [email protected]


Reader Comments

sgt writes:

Oh, it's 'political' alright... and frightening. The necessary ingredient for the Islam/Isis/Sharia law 'takeover' is INFILTRATION into our schools(promised in 1944)... but it's well on it's way. Watch THIS one very closely and very carefully. The takeover will be quick once the infiltration is complete... and then it will be too late. So far Santa Monica has been a bit difficult to capture, but once infiltrated into our schools, there will be no stopping the disease.


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