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Facebook Southwest Ticket Scam: No free tickets for 90th Anniversary

It's just a chain mail; don't share with friends


September 1, 2016

A typical scam logo used to lure you in for a purportedly free Southwest Airlines Ticket Giveaway. It's a scam folks.

Southwest airlines is not giving away free tickets for its 90th anniversary. This is a scam that has been around periodically since 2011. The scam says that if you share the link with 15 friends after answering three survey questions, you will win 2 free tickets to any destination. File this one under too good to be true!

Scammers and malware perps are always looking for ways to lure in the unwary. Tickets seem like something that a business could give away as a promotion. If you click on the links provided, you may be led to a website that looks like Southwest Airlines, but of course is not. Then either your computer will be infected with a virus, or your personal information will be compromised.

The scammers will also try to get you to share the scam with 15 of your friends, so you can lure them in as well--after all, they trust you.

Snopes notes that the "name of Southwest Airlines, a major U.S. airline which is also the world's largest low-cost carrier, has frequently been invoked in various online "free ticket" giveaway scams in recent years."

Typically, the scam reads more or less as follows:

To Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Southwest Airlines, Get 2 Southwest Tickets!

To Get your Tickets, complete the tasks given below:

Task #1. Press "Join" button at the top of the page.

Task #2. Once you join, you will see 'Invite Friends' button, Click the button and select a minimum amount of 1OO friends to claim your Tickets.

Get Business Select Tickets if you invite more friends!

Invite 1OO friends And Get 1 Ticket (Economy)

Invite 2OO friends And Get 2 Tickets (Economy)

Invite 3OO friends And Get 1 Ticket (Business Select)

Invite 4OO friends And Get 2 Tickets (Business Select)

A typical scam logo used to lure you in for a purportedly free Southwest Airlines Ticket Giveaway. It's a scam folks.

Note : Continuously press TAB & SPACE button to quickly select your friends.

Task #3 : Write "I Love Summer" in the comments below to show your appreciation.

After confirming you completed the First Two Steps See Instantly if you qualify!

Go Here

*Note: You MUST complete all the steps or your Tickets will not be valid.


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