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By Samuel Alioto
Observer Staff Writer 

Home invasion robbery on Adelaide in Santa Monica,

In an unconnected incident, same night a woman drives off the cliff and into the canyon


September 2, 2016

The Car landed on the exercise stairs damaging them

8/28: A homeowner interrupted a home invasion robbery on Adelaide in Santa Monica at 6:45 AM Sunday Morning. The suspect was wearing a mask from the movie "Scream." He fled but there is no description of him because of the mask.

Noah Bremen, a resident, was reportedly injured in the robbery, but his injuries are not serious. Santa Monica Police Department is investigating the robbery and as usual, is asking the public for information.

In an unrelated incident at 1:45 AM, a car was speeding down Adelaide Drive near 4th Street. The female driver plowed through a fence. Her car flew in the air, hitting the chimney of a house before damaging the exercise stairs at 4th Street. The driver was treated at St. Johns Hospital for her injuries and released, and is expected to make a full recovery.

Lt. Saul Rodriquez, Spokesman for the Santa Monica Police Department, said there was no police pursuit or street racing involved in the crash. He estimated she was driving about 90 mph. Police are investigating the incident for drugs and alcohol, he said.

Though not part of the city of Santa Monica itself, but part of the Santa Monica Post Office code 90402, Santa Monica Canyon is a misleadingly named adjacent neighborhood, facing out upon the Pacific Ocean. With winding roads and steep canyon walls this small enclave shares more with wooded Topanga Canyon than the city of Santa Monica. Home to musicians, movie stars, and aging beach bums, Santa Monica Canyon is part of the city of Los Angeles, and its Canyon Charter Elementary School is one of the most prestigious elementary schools in the LAUSD. The border between Santa Monica Canyon and the Palisades is Chautauqua Blvd.


Reader Comments

lahope writes:

First of all, the stairs pictured are the Amalfi stairs, not the 4th Street stairs. The 4th Street stairs are not damaged nor were the Amalfi stairs. Exercisers are using them as usual. The driveway gate to the Maya Lin house was sheared off along with the wall at the rim of the canyon. A chimney was not damaged on the house below; it was a cupola. A weathervane was sheared off. It was the wooden stairs to that house, a small shingled gray house that was damaged, not the 4th Street cement stairs.


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