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By Christine Emerson
Observer Staff Writer 

Car Hits Ambulance on Santa Monica Blvd

ambulance swerved to try avoiding the white SUV but was unable to do so.


September 2, 2016

An ambulance collided with another vehicle on 20th St. and Santa Monica Blvd. this afternoon.

​A significant accident involving a car hitting an ambulance occurred at approximately 4 pm on Santa Monica Boulevard on Monday, 8/29. A Fire Department ambulance was proceeding south on 20th street, lights flashing and sirens blaring. The ambulance entered the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and 20th Street, crossing on a red light.

​A white SUV heading east on Santa Monica Boulevard apparently did not hear the siren approaching from 20th, at 90 degrees from her position. She proceeded at normal speed through the intersection.

​The ambulance swerved to try avoiding the white SUV but was unable to do so. The white vehicle clipped the right front corner of the ambulance in a shower of glass from the shattered headlight.

​Both vehicles stopped, pushed to the handicapped ramp on the corner of the intersection. The EMT on the passenger side exited the vehicle and ascertained that the middle-aged woman driving the SUV was unharmed. No injuries appeared to have occurred, though the SUV was possibly totaled.

​No information is known about the individual who'd needed the ambulance's services in the first place.

​Drivers are cautioned to listen for sirens and pull to the side of the road when they are audible. Do not enter intersections when you can hear the siren of an emergency vehicle even if you have a green light. Furthermore, do not punish other drivers who obey these rules by not allowing them to pull back into traffic once the emergency vehicle has passed by.


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