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Donald Trump Will Not Debate Hillary, if Gary Johnson not Allowed to Participate

Whatever he says now, around 9/20 Trump will flip-flop and demand the participation of Johnson

The Donald Trump for President 2016 campaign will pull out of the scheduled September 26th debate between Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Trump, unless third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are also allowed to participate.

This is a tactical move believed by most analysts to help Trump, because the third-party candidates seem to drain more support from Clinton then they do from Trump.

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced its 15 percent threshold last year, and last month it announced the set of five national polls it would use to measure each candidate's support. The barrier is no problem for Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, but it presents a potentially insurmountable hurdle for third party presidential candidates like Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party's Jill Stein.

The requirement that presidential candidates average at least 15 percent support in national polls in order to participate in the US Presidential Election debate stage is "probably too high," Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday morning.

The move is not entirely unexpected. This from on 9/01/16: Still more complications are piling up: Clinton friends say she is leaving open the possibility that Trump agrees to only one debate, increasing the urgency of appealing to as many constituencies as possible in 90 minutes. They also expect him to threaten to pull out of the debate in the weeks leading up to it as a way to heighten the drama, and to agitate for the inclusion of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson - a fate the Clinton camp is desperate to avoid.

The Washington Post says that Trump already laid the groundwork for declining the debates. He recently tweeted that the dates are all wrong and suggested that Clinton's campaign somehow rigged the dates - just like Sanders's campaign argued in the Democratic primary - to make sure nobody watches.

Why? Because he is not very good at debating in general says the WaPo, and is easily baited, especially by women.

It is worth noting that Trump skipped one of the Republican Primary debates, purportedly because he was busy attending a veterans event. It's also ironic, because the lead holder in an election is generally the one who withholds participation in debates. Trump has polled behind Mrs. Clinton the entire year, but it is Clinton that is anxious to debate Trump-- not the other way around.

"Keep in mind that it was only a few weeks ago that Trump raised the prospect of skipping these showdowns, and vowed to raise a series of "demands." The bluster apparently didn't amount to much: the schedule is unchanged from the previously announced dates." This from Rachel Maddow on virulently anti-Trump network MSNBC.

"This is very consistent with statements made by Trump in 2000 when at a press conference with Jesse Ventura," says Kevin Zeese, a Senior advisor to the Jill Stein-Ajamu Baraka Campaign. "Trump said it was 'disgraceful and amazing' that the 'commission' on presidential debates 'could get away' with keeping candidates out of the debates. He went on to threaten to sue if Pat Buchanan's suit against the commission failed. Here's a link to the video: Donald Trump Says to Include Third Party Candidates in Debates, It is also consistent with Ronald Reagan in 1980 when he wanted to include John Anderson and Carter refused. Reagan debated Anderson without Carter and spent two hours criticizing Carter without him present."

Update 9/10: We are fully aware that Trump told Larry King just yesterday Sept 9th he does not want Gary Johnson on stage. this is a ruse. Watch Trump get religion and change his position on Johnson, around September 20.


Reader Comments(29)

jgc writes:

Trump Is Looking For Excuses Not To debate

Kepa writes:

True form for Trump. Always making deals so he controls the situation. He is looking to a similar kind if debate where He didn't need to answer anything - just make remarks about the other candidates And take attention of answering questions which he can't answer. He may act macho but he's just a scared little boy who won't play unless it's. By his rules. Setting up for why he won't do debate. Truth is He can't handle a real debate. Like setting up the elections as rigged if he doesn't win. Another excuse which his followers will buy into.

DavidR writes:

If you vote for the third party candidate closest to your political values, you help the main party candidate farthest from your values to win. That's why we have primary elections.

Paul writes:

Okay, stepitup, you haven't any clue do you? That's okay, most people don't Just because he's not the sort of guy to badmouth other candidates, doesn't mean speaking favorably of someone is a bad thing. Johnson said that he hasn't read the TPP, and is neither ofr or against it. Have you read the TPP? or is your opinion of it based on what other people say. Gary Johnson isn't a hack, you just like to bad mouth others, I can only imagine why. Jill Stein won't even be on all the state's ballots, and her comments about autism make me thing she's an ableist. She polls at what, 4%, and Gary at over 11%, she has literally no chance of winning, while you badmouth the only candidate who does have a chance, and that isn't a complete moron or habitual liar. Check your facts before you open your mouth flap.

stepitup writes:

Gary Johnson is a republican libertarian hack, not sure why people want to see him so much. He donated to Mitt Romney in the past, spoke favorably of Hillary recently, and he supports TPP. Jill Stein on the other hand is against Hillary and judging from her interviews which Facebook and PBS went through great lengths to censor, she'd rather see Trump win despite Jill being green party, that's how bad a choice Hillary is.

jeff writes:

Gary Johnson my be unknown to you see who he is before you talk ish you just might be surprised!!!

Comonpresdebsux writes:

The Commission on Presidential Debates are a joke. They only enacted the 15% support threshhold last year. If this is not a move to rig the election I dont know what is.

Scienceguyjack writes:

Let them include him in the debates. Trump isn't gonna pull off looking good and Hillary better have the issues nailed down, solid and unable to be rebuffed by this time.if she wants to be President she better be able to take down a buffoon and an unknown competitor with style, grace and superior knowledge.

BettyBoop56 writes:

Trump is loud mouth coward.... He is afraid to debate Hillary, because he knows he doesn't have any plans for the economy, no policies, only a wall. He calls Hillary a crook, but he is the biggest crook, and lowlife of all time. He has 169 lawsuits, and one of them for rape of a 13 year old in1994. The woman is 35 years old now. The media will report any and every negative spin they can find on Hillary. Donald Trump has boat loads of corruption about him and you don' hear a thing. Hey media how much are you being paid to paint a negative picture of Hillary? It is time to do your jobs and start reporting the corruption of Donald Trump!

Grant writes:

Name your source and I might take this seriously, but for now I'm going to have to say this is certainly false.

AnnMGarrison writes:

Sure wish this was true.

rwscid writes:

Broadcasters make no money off the debates - there are absolutely no commercials during the debates. Before and after, sure, but nobody is watching before and after. The CPD is a pox on American democracy. They have no legitimacy whatsoever, other than that bestowed upon them by media lapdogs, who are either too lazy or too ignorant or too busy or too uninterested to simply expose the CPD for what it is - a bi-partisan creation of the Reps and Dems. Where does CPD money actually come from? Their tax form 990s don't answer that question, but they certainly rule out 1) advertisers, 2) 'National Debate Sponsors', and 3) the universities that host the debates, some of whom claim to have written $2 million checks for the privilege. Which is laughable, of course, as anyone who has ever been in business knows. Why doesn't media force CPD to answer the funding question with specifics, rather than vague double entendres? You tell me. No guts, I'd guess.

king123 writes:

Bush sr. and Bill Clinton invited Perot to the presidential deates during their campaign. Johnson should be included. If Trump and Clinton are such strong candidates they shouldn't be scared.

KevinZeese writes:

This is very consistent with statements made by Trump in 2000 when at a press conference with Jesse Venura, Trump said it was 'disgraceful and amazing' that the 'commission' on presidential debates 'could get away' with keeping candidates out of the debates. He went on to threaten to sue if Pat Buchanan's suit against the commission failed. Here's a link to the video: Donald Trump Says to Include Third Party Candidates in Debates, It is also consisten with Ronald Reagan in 1980 when he wanted to include John Anderson and Carter refused. Reagan debated Anderson without Carter and spent two hours criticizing Carter without him present.

ArcadiusSpectre writes:

Fake story is fake. No source. Writer is hoping that Reince or Conway or someone in Trumps camp finds it in their daily news skimming regarding Trump, passes this story along to him, to provide him this idea.

Realistic writes:

Someone please escort this joker outta here, now he wants to change the process of election, go back to reality T.V.

What writes:

There is not a SINGLE news organization reporting that Trump will not debate without Johnson. The Trump Campaign also denies it. Where do you get this information? It is false on it's face. NO ONE is reporting the same!

James writes:

If this news is true, it does show that the Trump campaign is saavy. I'm not voting for Trump, but Johnson and Stein will pull more votes away from Hillary than Trump. Trump is an intersting negotiator. The debates will not bring as much viewership without Trump. The networks want to sell TV ads so Trump's strategy makes sense.

BenK writes:

Where did you get this information, it isn't being reported anywhere else; he had previously said no to allowing Gary Johnson into the debates.

Bhaden writes:

It's just so hard to take an article seriously when it is so grammatically flawed. I mean, capitalization? C'mon. This is a site that I'm meant to take as a reputable source? That being said, I like the idea of third party candidates getting some air time and providing an alternative perspective.

Rusty writes:

Great scoop! Who was the spokesperson? When & where, specifically, was this statement issued?

Brooklynite writes:

Simple solution. You want to include two more candidates, Donald? Fine. Twice the candidates, so we should double the length of the debate to give everyone a fair amount of time to speak. What do you say? I didn't think so.

whatever writes:

What a joke! As it all draws closer Trump will make any excuse in the book regarding drawing attention away from his ignorance when it comes to these debates. He knows he'll be exposed for the idiot he truly is. Of course, all the FOX robots will make excuses when Hillary hands him his rest end like they always do. Hell, he couldn't even face Megan Kelley back in the beginning so he used the excuse that he was hosting a fundraiser for veterans. Give me a break- he couldn't care less about the vets. With the funds he raised avoiding her like the weasel he is, he could have just write a check to the veterans. When the hell are people going to see him for the fake, phoney , self aborbed, sociopathic bully that he is? Yeah, hes rich- and he has the i.q of a frog fart

porky writes:

I'm guessing your source is the same one you had for the DEA to reschedule marijuana story? i.e. you pulled it out of uranus.

Nick writes:

Source pls.

WilliamWAUGH writes:

It is HRC who wants to weasel out of a debate with Stein and Johnson. Otherwise, she would join Trump in refusing to debate without all the candidates.

Trmpsdsgstng writes:

Trump just wants to put rope around a ring he knows Clinton would repeatedly knock him out of. Having more people in the debate would create a kind of fog for him to occasionally slip out of and make some kind of insinuating comment or insult when it's not his turn to speak, that couldn't be responded to completely at that time, and then slink away. He would much rather be in a street corner fight situation where he can sneak up and throw a punch into someone who is distracted than have to sustain direct one to one intellectual combat.

Danram writes:

LMAO!!! A brilliant tacticsl step, huh? What garbage! Donald Trump will not debate Hillary Clinton for the simple reason that he and his people know full well that she will expose him for the total ignoramus that he is and sink his candidacy for good. So he is using the exclusion of Gary Johnson as an excuse to skip the debates, knowing full well that the debate commission will not allow Johnson to participate if he's polling at less than 15%, which he is. This is Donald Trump's way of chickening out, plain and simple.

Autelius writes:

Of course he will try to weasel out. He doesn't possess the intellectual firepower to compete in a debate with HRC and can only resort to name calling.