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UFO Causes SpaceX Rocket, Facebook Satellite to Explode; Photos, Video of UFO

SpaceX UFO Encounter is Third US-UFO Encounter in one week. 737 Engine Exploded Saturday night over Florida.

A SpaceX Cargo ship exploded on the launchpad Thursday morning in Cape Canaveral during a test firing, destroying the rocket and Facebook's first ever satellite.

In an reference to the UFO visible in this photo; "an Anomaly" caused Facebook's SpaceX Satellite to explode. At least two Youtube videos show a strange craft hovering around the Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket just before it exploded. The video is embedded hereinbelow.

SpaceX said there were no injuries connected to the explosion, describing the sighting as "An Anomaly." The explosion occurred at the Space Launch Complex 40, according to Stephanie Martin, with Kennedy Space Center Public Information. People throughout the area heard it, as it disrupted schools and workplaces.

The destroyed satellite was intended to bring the wonder that is Facebook to the far corners of the earth. While it is not clear at this time exactly how the anomaly caused the rocket to explode during refueling, this much is clear: The aliens hate Facebook, much as they did MySpace. They seem determined to destroy the Social Network. Extra-terrestrials are not very social and avoid contact. Indeed, when was the last time a UFO "friended" anyone?

This is the second UFO Encounter in Florida in one week. American Airlines Flight 3472 experienced an Engine explosion Saturday night, also over Florida.

Meanwhile, security cameras recorded a mysterious Unidentified Flying Object, hovering over the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. More on that at the bottom of this page.

The launchpad is used by SpaceX to launch rockets that carry supplies to the International Space Station as well as satellites. SpaceX did not have a launch scheduled for Thursday morning. It's next scheduled launch is for early Saturday morning, when it was set to carry a private satellite into Earth's obit for the Israeli company Spacecom.

Anomaly is a term used in spaceflight as an alternative to UFO, which has taken on negative connotations. See for example,

Response teams at the base were working to confirm if there were any injuries, said Brian Purtell, the public information officer for the 45th Space Wings.

SpaceX was in the process of conducting a fueling test on Launch Pad 40 at Cape Canaveral when the incident occurred, an engineer at Kennedy Space Center told ABC News. The aliens choose fuel loading as the time to attack the rocket, because they knew that's when any spaceship is most vulnerable. Perhaps they just threw in a cigarette.

The explosion happened "in preparation for today's static fire," which resulted in "the loss of the vehicle and its payload," SpaceX said in a statement.

The explosion was felt around the facility and a mushroom cloud could be seen over the launch site, the engineer told a reporter.

Video from the scene showed smoldering infrastructure.

There were no injuries as a result of the explosion, the Brevard County Emergency Management Office said. The office tweeted that "there is NO threat to general public from catastrophic abort during static test fire at SpaceX launch pad this morning."

Brian Purtell, a spokesman for the Air Force's 45th Space Wing, which controls Cape Canaveral's space operations, said that personnel were being evacuated from the facility.

"Once we determine everybody is out of there, then we can go in when it's safe to kind of determine what happened," Purtell said, noting that SpaceX had a scheduled launch for early Saturday morning.

Update9/2: The Express (UK) has picked up our story, you saw it here first!

In a third UFO incident this month, a mysterious light was seen hovering in the night sky over Gateway Arch in St Louis, Missouri. It was captured on a security camera, sparking UFO sighting rumours among citizens. The moment was captured on a surveillance camera at Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park and was uploaded on the park's official Facebook page on Wednesday (3 August).

Park authorities raised their suspicion over the unidentified flying object and captioned the video: "Unexplained Lights over St. Louis – We guarantee you will be perplexed if you watch all 5 minutes of this surveillance footage."

In the five-minute long video, a light is seen appearing out of nowhere and then descending, before it vanishes and reappears at another location. The object was spotted early on Tuesday morning and apart from the park's video many others claimed to have spotted the mysterious light. The video has attracted more than 500,000 views on Facebook.


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