By Armen Melkonians
City Council Candidate 

NMS Developers Have Bought Six of Seven City Council Members

How Does a Developer Steal a City? . . . By buying Council members on the cheap.


September 13, 2016

I can't recall a single project proposed by developer NMS that was not approved by our city staff or our City Council.

As of September 7, NMS has already contributed $225,000 to the anti-LUVE developer PAC called "HOME." With this war chest, HOME is showering every voter in Santa Monica with mailers full of lies, attempting to confuse them. Their goal is to trick residents into voting against their own interests by opposing LUVE - Measure LV.

In 2012, NMS and Chicago based developer Century West joined forces and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure the elections of Terry O'Day, Gleam Davis, and Ted Winterer. These Council members claim that NMS can't buy their vote; they say they would never let that happen. But let's look at the facts.

Six of the seven Council Members are anti-LUVE including Terry O'Day, Gleam Davis , Ted Winterer, and Tony Vasquez. These four incumbents seek re-election on November 8th.

NMS currently has 10 projects waiting for approval at City Hall and all 10 would be stopped by Measure LV. These developments add up to the size of Santa Monica Place Mall and will add tens of thousands of additional daily car trips to our city – courtesy of NMS and the City Council.

Six of the seven Neighborhood Groups support Measure LV. More than 10,000 Santa Monica voters signed the Residocracy LUVE petition to place Measure LV on the November 8th ballot so that residents have the power to say NO to developers like NMS.

Six of the seven Council members stand strongly with NMS and against the Neighborhood Groups and against Santa Monica residents.

So, what does NMS hope to gain? Assuming a conservative $10 million increase in property value from the approval of each project, NMS stands to gain a total of $100 million from this anti-resident PAC transaction.

That's a return-on-investment of $444 for every dollar invested in this election so far - not a bad business strategy.

So, what do our current Council members hope to gain? Re-election courtesy of NMS PAC (Political Action Committee) money.

To me it is quite clear. NMS is stealing our city - and on the cheap!

WHY are our elected officials giving our CITY away? It doesn't belong to them! It belongs to all of us.

YES on LV will take the power away from our City Council and give it back to us.

YES on LV will take the money out of City Hall once and for all.

YES on LV will send NMS away to another city where there is no LUVE.

Vote YES on LV – Save Santa Monica from NMS and our "sold out


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