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Suicide Prevention: New State of the Art Mental Health Crisis and Resource Tool

Therapy.Live Aims to Save More Lives through High Tech Suicide Prevention


September 14, 2016

Founder Ryan G. Beale and Co-Founder Dr. M. Ellis Jaruzel pose for quick picture following the successful launch of Therapy.Live at the American Psychological Association Convention in Denver, Colorado.

In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, the Therapy Live team has released a new tool that is designed to save more lives. Located at http://www.Therapy.Live/Suicide, visitors will find a state of the art interactive map to assist clinicians and visitors to locate crisis resource centers within their communities.

"I am very proud of the tireless work that our team has invested towards our mission of altering the trajectory of mental health delivery and saving lives. Today's new feature that has been unlocked will enable clinicians, friends, family members, and individuals that are in crisis to locate local crisis centers and resources with a click of a mouse or the tap of their finger." Says Ryan G. Beale, founder of Therapy.Live, who is also a therapist and lost his brother to suicide.

Therapy Live is a state of the art multi-engagement platform designed for therapists to expand their reach and for clients to engage in mental wellness at the level with which they are most comfortable, with clinicians they feel most comfortable with.

"We are in a war to save minds, save lives, and to help people reach their potential. Mental health providers and educators are on the front lines of this war and we are dedicated to supporting them so they can do their job to the best of their abilities. The ripple effects of not appropriately addressing one's mental wellness does not live in a vacuum, it spreads to ones family, ones community and contributes to nearly $100 billion dollars in loss productivity annually to the U.S. economy."

The site includes a click and locate map.

The Therapy Live team has recently returned from their launch at the American Psychological Association convention in Denver, Colorado. In less than 30 days the Therapy Live team has launched several new tools, new powerful initiatives (www.Therapy.Live/betteroffwithme) and has begun attracting leading clinicians throughout the country.

Clinicians can join now and grow with Therapy.Live. "Whether you are a clinician looking to market your practice, increase your reach with article publishing or offering live seminars, or you are looking to engage in teletherapy in the near future, we will continue to offer the best value for clinicians as we grow into the future together." Click Here To Visit Dynamic Crisis Center Locator

Therapy.Live is founded by a survivor, a psychologist, and a missile defense expert dedicated to altering the trajectory of mental health delivery.


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