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Novavax, a Non-mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine, Will be Available in Los Angeles County Beginning August 3

The Centers for Disease Control recommended the vaccine for use in people aged 18 and older

August 2, 2022 - The Novavax vaccine to prevent serious disease in Covid-19 will begin to be administered at county Public Health vaccination sites beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, August 3.

The Novavax injection uses older, protein-based technology rather than the novel mRNA technology utilized by the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines. According to Dr. Glenn Wortmann, infectious disease specialist at MedStar Health, as reported by CNET, Novavax is similar to the Hepatitis B vaccine and those given for influenza and shingles.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health stated in a press release that the vaccines "was found to be 90% effective against mild, moderate, and severe disease in the company's Phase 3 clinical trial involving 30,000 participants ages 18 and older." CNET adds that it was found to be over 90% effective against symptomatic COVID-19 and 100% effective against severe disease and death." However, these trials were conducted before the advent of the Omicron variants which appear able to evade some of the immunity provided by previous Covid-19 vaccines. No real-world data yet exists on the effectiveness of Novavax as compared to any of the other available vaccines against COVID-19.

Only those who have not yet been vaccinated are eligible to receive Novavax, which is administered in two doses three weeks apart. No booster shots are currently approved for this vaccine, nor can it be used as a booster shot for someone who has previously received a different vaccine. Only those 18 and older may get the shot.

Side effects may include myocarditis and pericarditis heart inflammation. Six of 40,000 vaccine recipients developed these conditions compared to one recipient in the placebo group.


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