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"Hillary Clinton Died on Sept. 11, Actually. That was her Body Double in Front of Chelsea's"


When Hillary Clinton collapsed on her way to her motorcade on Sunday, she touched off a Youtube video conspiracy theory bonanza. About 100 videos theorize she's not on antibiotics. She's 6 feet under. And that Hillary we saw walking around later, was either her body double, or a UFO supplied robot. You can't make up stuff like this. At least, I can't. So it must be true.

WABC-TV in New York apparently accidentally announced that Hillary Clinton had died, not simply collapsed on Sunday. If you saw it on TV, then you know it must be true. Using the WABC News report as a starting point, conspiracy theorists are well, having a field day.

In a video entitled Hillary Clinton Health Issues Are A Hoax And Her Body Double Debacle - Obama 3rd Term President, Youtube professional conspiracy theorist Russianvids asks: Why would you have sick Hillary, an hour after she collapsed with pneumonia, be right around a little girl who runs up to her?

He thinks facts are withheld from the public, and cites as proof the truth about UFOs, which we all know is withheld from a public that can't handle the truth. This is an important assumption, if you don't get it, binge watch old X-Files episodes on X-files.

Her reality as presented to us is more or less like an SNL skit, he says. She asks to leave a 9/11 memorial early (itself the target of conspiracy theorists--hello!!). She locks up the press, but makes sure a fireman from the Czech Republic, and another person, are filming her collapse. Then, she goes not to the hospital, but to Chelsea's apartment, where she emerges an hour later to comment on the weather and hug a little girl. All in a days work, Right? No, wrong!

"Something is very wrong with Hillary, which explains why she is dead and buried. And more and more people are coming to the same realization. It's like the matrix," says Russianvids. The video has some 20,000 hits.

He also believes that Trump and Clinton were friends, that the point of Trump's candidacy, is to ensure that Obama is the only alternative in 2017. So that he is sworn in for a third term as President, to ensure a New World Order.

Hillary Clinton is hardly the first world leader to use a body double. Kim Jong Il and his son, Kim Jong Eun, leaders of the Korean People's Republic, regularly make use of body doubles to avoid assassination, or simply to spend some quality time with family. Numerous news sources are reporting on Clinton's use of a body double.

According to the Trump plant theory, Donald Trump ran for president of the United States in 2016 to secretly aid Hillary Clinton's chances of being elected to the same office.

According to the theory, Donald Trump had made an arrangement with Hillary Clinton to secure the presidential nomination of the Republican Party with the intent of either dropping out of the race at some point, running an intentionally poor campaign, or (if not nominated by the Republican Party) running as a third-party candidate to siphon votes from the Republican nominee.

What spoiled it, was Hillary's untimely death on 9/11. Now, it is being reworked to ensure a third term of Barack Obama.

Even the Washington Post, the nation's most rabidly pro-Hillary newspaper is asking, How is Hillary Clinton Still Alive?

How Indeed?


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