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LAUSD Extends Summer Vacation One Week, Shortens Christmas

The school year after next, Los Angeles public schools will start just one week before Labor Day, rather than two weeks


September 27, 2016

Parents had complained to the LAUSD school board, that they did not like coming back from summer vacation in mid August. Schools were too hot, summer was too short, and it doesn't matter to parents as it does to teachers, as a group, whether or not kids do well on standardized exams.

Los Angeles Unified School District has decided to push back the start of school to a later date, unnamed LAUSD board members told Fox 11 News (KTTV).

Parents complained that the school beginning on August 16th as it did this year, was just too early. Kids had to endure the lack of school air conditioning, and the District had to pay increased air conditioning costs.

The downside: The new plan will cut into the December holiday break. And pupils will no longer get an entire week off for Thanksgiving. LAUSD students will need to attend two days of school during the Thanksgiving week. Good luck with that, LAUSD

"I'm Glad we hve a longer summer I think winter break got a big boring," said LAUSD student Leon Bronshare, 12.

"Three weeks seems too long," said one mom. "The advantage of doing better on standardized tests, may be important to teachers. But it's not as important to parents and kids." This is one reason given for the early end to summer, so that students would be more competitive nationally on standardized exams.

The year after next, school will start just a week before labor day.


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