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The Two Best Berries in the World Could Save Your Life

Strawberries and blueberries are naturally sweet and they taste great. But they also have abundant positive nutritional values

The Two Best Berries in the World

Absolutely the two best berries in the world are not Halle and Chuck. True Oscar winning super star Halle Berry is vastly talented and gorgeous. And Grammy Award winning rock legend Chuck Berry has been bringing musical happiness to our ears for more than half a century. But when it comes to our physical health and wellbeing nothing beats these two berries: Straw and Blue.

Succulent ripe red strawberries are often called nature's candy because they can be naturally sweet and they taste great. But they also have abundant positive nutritional values. Each cup of strawberries has only 48.6 calories but 11.7 grams of carbohydrates, 89.4 mg of vitamin C, 24.3 mg of calcium and 19.8 mg of magnesium. But not only do strawberries taste great they have been proven to reduce your risk of heart attack. A study conducted in 2013 and involving over 93,000 women showed that those who ate three or more servings of strawberries or of blueberries each week were 34% less likely to suffer a heart attack compared with those who ate less of these magnificent fruits. And it is also nice to know that strawberries are fairly high in fiber meaning that they also tend to reduce feelings of hunger making eating less easier. Great taste, improved health and helpful in reducing overall food intake what is not to like about strawberries?

But without a doubt blueberries are this man's personal favorite. One of the many advantages of blueberries was demonstrated in a 2014 study that showed a significant reduction in blood pressure in those who ate just one cup of blueberries every day. Given that a rise in blood pressure is fairly automatic with increasing age, eating blueberries seems like a truly great idea. Those lovely blueberries also are a mere 85 calories per cup, provide 21.4 grams of carbohydrates, 14.4 mg of vitamin C, 8.9 mg of calcium and 8.9 mg of magnesium per cup. Some say that blueberries are the healthiest fruit in the world and as an added bonus they taste great.

But typically people enjoy both strawberries and blueberries more with cream or milk and sugar. That habit dramatically takes away from the health benefits but without milk and sugar let's face it they just don't taste as good, so what to do? These days the answer is easy. Simply use unsweetened almond milk and stevia. Extremely low or no fat, minimal calories and plenty of sweetness with zero sugar. Perfection!

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