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Typhoon Restaurant to Close at Santa Monica Airport

City has tripled it's rent and served a 30 day notice, so owners are throwing in the towel.


October 13, 2016

Some tenants are fighting 30 day notices to vacate the airport served by the City of Santa Monica, but not Typhoon restaurant.

Typhoon restaurant is located in the terminal at Santa Monica airport. The business has decided to respect the City's Thirty Day Notice to Quit and move out of the building on November 15, 2016.

"The City of Santa Monica has nearly tripled our rent and made business conditions so difficult that it has become impossible to carry on without incurring financial ruin," said the owners in a press release

Consistent with the desires of many residents, the City of Santa Monica intends to close the 100+ year old airport as soon as it can. On September 15 sent 30-day eviction notices to the airport's two FBOs, American Flyers and Atlantic Aviation. Until it can close the airport, the city intends to run FBO services itself.

The press release from the Typhoon's owners also said: "Despite the lawsuits currently in motion between the city and the FAA, there appears to be little hope of a reprieve from the city's anti-airport master plan, which seems determined to shut down every business at SMO so that the property can be repurposed as a giant investment opportunity for developers.

"In some quarters, this sort of activity would be seen as a deplorable abuse of municipal power, but in Santa Monica, it is becoming business as usual. It's just too exhausting and disheartening to continue to throw good money after bad into this never ending shellgame of political brinksmanship."

Until the restaurant closes, the Typhoon is hosting a month-long "end of the world party" capped by an election night closing event on November 8. "We hope that these final days of Typhoon will live up to the very best days of Typhoon, and that when it's all over, our shared memories of Typhoon will live on in all our hearts as a beloved, unforgettable, fantastic dream of how good life can be," the note concluded.


Reader Comments

CCC writes:

Just more evidence that the forces trying to close the airport do NOT have the good of the Santa Monica residents as their aim. Why force the closing of a popular institution that provides ethnic food, music and character to the West Side? Other than the action paves the way for more money....... and for who??


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