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Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Abadi Announces Mosul Offensive Against ISIS Has Begun

City once had 2 million residents. Iraqi Army and 5000 US Special Ops attempt largest urban combat since WWII

The Iraqi Prime Minister Ahbadi has announced that the Iraqi Army is attempting to take Mosul from a 2 year long ISIS occupation. Iraq's military has launched an offensive aimed at wresting control of Mosul from Islamic State militants, according to the country's prime minister, Haider al-Abadi.

Mosul, the site of a University (now closed by ISIS), once had 2 million residents. At least half escaped ISIS, a potential death penalty offense. Iraqi Army and 5000 US Special operations troops will attempt the largest urban combat operation since WWII.

Dresden and other German, French and Polish cities were ruined by fighting in World War II. One can reasonably expect the same sorts of images to come from this military campaign.

Operation Conquest or Operation Fatah, commonly called the Battle for Mosul, is an ongoing offensive against ISIL's positions in Mosul and the surrounding region.

The offensive is a joint effort by the Iraqi government forces with allied militias, Iraqi Kurdistan, limited US ground forces, and US and allied air support. It is part of the military intervention against ISIL, with the aim of pushing ISIL out of the second-largest city of Iraq, Mosul, as well as the rest of the Nineveh Governorate.

The operation follows the Mosul offensive in 2015, which successfully recaptured parts of the region northwest of Mosul, but stopped short of breaching the city itself, for various reasons. The fall of Mosul to ISIL occurred between 4 and 10 June 2014.


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