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New App Helps You Take Better Selfies With Your Dog

Download DELFIE's fun, dog-sensitive sounds, and Support Animal Charities


October 22, 2016

DELFIE, LLC announces the global launch of DELFIE, the new iphone app that helps you take better selfies with your dog, now available on the app store.

The selfie craze is not going away anytime soon. Yet, anyone with a dog and a mobile phone knows how hard it is to take the perfect "delfie" (selfie with your dog). Dogs have no natural reason to look at your phone, they're usually looking someplace else, and hey, there goes a squirrel!

After a month-long North American soft-launch, Delfie, LLC, sister company to the popular online community Dudes With Dogs®, announces the global launch of DELFIE™, the new iPhone app that helps you TAKE BETTER SELFIES WITH YOUR DOG™. The app's target user base is everyone with an iPhone and a dog (and those who love them!). Download your copy at

"I've always encouraged my online community members to take "delfies" because I think it's the most tangible way of showing your love for your dog and connecting with other dog lovers. But then I realized how hard it is to take a good delfie! Some have tried to solve the problem with phone attachments, but who wants to carry a tennis ball in their jeans or pepperoni in their purse? I knew I could solve it with software, while making it fun and social," says Delfie, LLC founder Chris Rolczynski.

CAPTURE. DELFIE works by pairing fun, dog-sensitive sounds with your phone's camera function. Surprise your dog using one of our 28 native sounds like Squeaky toy, Mad squirrel, and Rocket, or record your own sounds, like your dog's name or favorite toy. You can even borrow your friends' sounds!

SHARE. Edit and post your delfies on DELFIE's in-app network and easily share them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

CONNECT. More than just a fun photo app, DELFIE's also a social network for dog lovers. Meet other Dog Dads and Dog Moms in your town and around the world. Search for your favorite breeds, ask for advice, and celebrate the joys and sometimes sorrows of dog parenting with others just like you.

DOWNLOAD. In a world of mostly freemium apps, DELFIE is launching using a different approach. The app is available for a flat $1.99 on the App Store, with no advertising, hidden costs, in-app purchases, or subscriptions. The app is now available in every country. An Android version is planned for the future.

GIVE. The company is also utilizing a unique and charitable launch strategy by donating a portion of the proceeds from each app install that results from any of the following short download links. Please use and share the download link associated with your favorite charity below, and together, let's raise money for at-risk animals. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Animal Welfare Institute, Best Friends Animal Society, Humane Society International, The Humane Society of the United States, PetFinder, PetSmart Charities, World Wildlife Fund

FEATURES. DELFIE's key features include the following:

HearLook™. Patent-pending sound feature with 28 native sounds designed to get your dog's attention. Reported to also work on cats and babies!

Record your own sounds. Does your dog respond best to you? Then record your dog's name or favorite sound to use with the camera.

Borrow sounds. Listen to others' sounds on their profile, and if you like what you hear, then borrow it for your dog!

Easy to Use. Use the "short shot" technique to play a sound once or the "long shot" technique to loop the sound.

Photo editing. Essential tools like crop, filter, and sharpen along with fun ones like frames, stickers, splash, and meme.

In-app social network. Post your delfies on DELFIE's in-app network to connect with other dog lovers in your town or around the world.

Online sharing. Easily share your delfies on other popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Search. Use search terms, names, or locations to view posts of your favorite dog breeds, people, and places.

PARTNER. DELFIE partners with local and national charities, online communities, companies, brands, and social media influencers. Visit to inquire about opportunities.

About Delfie, LLC. Delfie, LLC is an innovative mobile application and online community builder dedicated to CONNECTING PEOPLE WHO LOVE DOGS™ and uniting the pet community and industry through social interaction. Delfie, LLC's first product is DELFIE, the iPhone app that helps you "take better selfies with your dog." Follow DELFIE on Twitter and visit for more information.

About Dudes With Dogs. Dudes With Dogs is a diverse and inclusive online community focusing on the special relationship between men and dogs with a social reach of over 80,000 on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Follow Dudes With Dogs on Instagram to experience the curated images included in Dudes With Dogs, Vol. 1 and visit for more information.

About Chris Rolczynski. Chris Rolczynski is an entrepreneur, author, designer, and founder of Delfie, LLC and Dudes With Dogs. With a background in psychology, technology, design, and small business, Chris has created and cultivated pet-focused online communities since 2014. He lives in Los Angeles.


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