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Santa Monica Police Dept. 19 Year Veteran Convicted of Petty Theft

He has been accused of stealing personal property from a retail outlet valued at $45

On October 20, 2016, Eduardo Parraga - 51 years old, was arraigned at the Los Angeles County Airport Courthouse on misdemeanor petty theft charges. "He has been accused of stealing personal property from a retail outlet valued at $45," said Lt. Saul Rodriguez, Public Information Officer for the City of Santa Monica.

The Santa Monica City Attorney's Office filed charges on Parraga, a 19 year veteran police officer with the Santa Monica Police Department. Parraga pled "No Contest" to the charges whereas the judge on the matter found him guilty on the charges filed.

The Department became aware of the incident that occurred in an official capacity in June 2016; Parraga was subsequently placed on administrative leave while a thorough criminal investigation was completed. The case was presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Public Integrity Division for review and filing consideration, however the case was ultimately referred to the City Attorney's Office. An independent administrative investigation has been proceeding from the inception. Parraga will remain on administrative leave throughout the administrative process.

The Department understands the significance of upholding public trust and will remain committed to ensuring employees are held accountable for actions that are contrary to the community's interest and mission of the Santa Monica Police Department.


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