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Man With Sign Disrupts Trump Rally in Reno, NV

"He has a gun!" Shouted someone, as they tackled man with sign.


November 5, 2016

The New York daily news is reporting that the man did not have a weapon himself, but tried to grab a police officer's gun.

A middle-aged white man who smuggled a sign into a Trump rally in Reno Nevada, disrupted the rally when the Secret Service escorted Trump off the stage. The man was questioned and released.

Members of the audience at the event for the GOP presidential nominee tackled Austyn Crites, 33, of Reno after someone yelled "gun" while others were trying to rip away his anti-Trump sign.

"I just went with sign that said 'Republicans Against Trump,’ " Crites said. "It’s a sign that you can find online. I held up the sign and initially people around me were just booing me telling me to get out of there. Then a couple of these guys tried grabbing the sign out of my hands."

Robert Kennedy was assassinated during the 1968 democratic presidential primary in Los Angeles. However, since that time, no presidential candidate has been successfully attacked by an assassin. This is a tribute to the US Secret Service, which protects Presidents, presidential candidates and their families.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was rushed off stage on Saturday. The details surrounding the incident remain unclear.

Trump was giving his speech at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center when he called out a protester in the crowd –- a typical event at Trump rallies. Shortly after, security grabbed Trump and took him backstage as more officers swarmed the crowd.

Donald Newton, 47, of Santa Rosa, Calif., was right next to the bedlam when it happened and took video of the immediate aftermath. Newton said a man holding a sign started going toward the stage.

"He had something on his belly. I don't know what it was," Newton said. "Somebody yelled 'gun' and everyone jumped on him. My friend put his knee on his head, but he kept getting up."

Nobody interviewed by the Reno Gazette-Journal said they definitively saw a gun.

Trump later concluded his rally without further incident. It was not immediately clear what the cause of the disturbance was. CNN, citing "a law enforcement official," reported that no weapon had been found and that no eyewitnesses reported seeing a gun.

The GOP presidential nominee later released a statement thanking the Secret Service and local law enforcement for their "fast and professional response," adding that "nothing will stop us - we will make America great again!"

Meanwhile, a press bus carrying reporters covering Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen Tim Kaine's stops in Florida was hit at high speed, according to reporters traveling with the senator. There were no immediate reports of injuries. Kaine was several cars ahead of the press bus, according to reporters in his motorcade.

"Nobody said it was going to be easy," Trump said.


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