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Balthazar's Keith McNally Serves "Absolutely Revolting, Ugly and Fu*king Smug" Billionaire Jeff Bezos and fiancée Lauren Sanchez a Spicy Dish of Insults on Instagram

The New York Times has referred to him as "The Restaurateur Who Invented Downtown." He may now become "The Restaurateur Who Invented The Smackdown!"

Renowned British born New York restaurateur, Keith McNally really doesn't give a crepe!

Clockwise: Above Keith McNally shares his thoughts on Instagram, Sanchez, boobs and Bezos. Restauranteur Keith McNally.

McNally took to instagram Monday evening and decided to serve an extra dish of spicy and hot. Outspoken McNally posted eight photos of billionaire Jeff Bezos and his fiancé Lauren Sanchez wearing her usual revealing dresses, with her boobs brazenly on display for all to see. Her lack of classy and abundance of brassy (and not in the brassiere sense) has recently led to her style, or lack thereof, being referred to as a 'Mob Wife'.

McNally's post garnered hundreds of reactions in an hour with the controversial restaurateur doubling down in his responses to his followers. Some of his followers were shocked at his post but the majority seemed to be of the same opinion as McNally.

The successful, smart and popular businessman is the owner of the celeb hang out and exquisite restaurant, New York's 'Balthazar'. He has been a prominent force in the New York City restaurant scene since the 1980s. McNally has opened several restaurants over the years. These include Augustine, Balthazar, Cafe Luxembourg, Cherche Midi, Lucky Strike, Minetta Tavern, Morandi, Nell's, The Odeon, Pastis, Pravda, Pulino's and Schiller's.Frank Bruni awarded three stars to Minetta Tavern in 2009.

No stranger to controversy, in October 2022, McNally took to his instagram and shared his disdain for TV host James Corden. He banned, unbanned, and rebanned James Corden from dining at his restaurants after Corden had been disrespectful towards a server at one of the locations after receiving a prepared order not to his liking. Corden later apologized to McNally and on his late night show but in Corden style forgot to apologize to the hardworking server, which McNally removed the ban. Then, in McNally style, he then of course publicly reinstated the ban after Corden did a Vanity Fair interview in which he claimed his innocence.

Mixed comments on McNally's Instagram from his followers.

One thing is for sure Bezos, Sanchez and Corden won't be dining at one of McNally's restaurants in the near future - another thing is also for sure, something tells me he really couldn't give a crepe!

Check please and checkmate!


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Karma writes:

Yes, Lauren Sanchez is one of the ugliest men alive. Jeff married a tranny, thanks Keith