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Suddenly The Race for US President is Nearly Tied

Republican Donald Trump needs to flip just one state to defeat Hillary Clinton


November 5, 2016

The US presidential race is a lot closer than you may think. According to the real clear politics average of polls:

1) In A 4- way Race Clinton is leading 45.3%-- 43.4% in a 2 way race she is leading 47.0%- 45.3%

2) In electoral Votes Clinton is leading 273-265. It takes 270 to win. Colorado has 9 electoral votes and Clinton is leading 43.7% -41.3%. New Mexico has 5 electoral votes and Clinton is leading 40.5% -32%. New Hampshire has 4 electoral votes and Clinton is leading 46%- 41.3%. If Trump flips any of those three he wins.

3) It is within the realm of possibility that libertarian Gary Johnson wins the state of New Mexico, and conservative Evan McMullin takes Utah. This would completely change the math in the electoral college.

4). In PA, with 20 Electoral votes, Democrat Hillary Clinton is leading by 4.9%. If Republican candidate Donald Trump flips it he would certainly win: Virginia, with 13 electoral votes; Wisconsin, where Clinton leads by 4.7% (Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes); West Virginia, where Clinton leads by 5.7%. Flip any of those three and he wins.

5) Not everyone agrees that things are looking rosier for the Orange Haired guy. Six states look to be election toss-ups, according to NBC: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, New Hampshire, Arizona and Utah. Importantly, even if Republican nominee Donald Trump wins every single toss-up contest, he'd still lose.

That map helps explain why Trump visited Michigan earlier this week: He needs to pick off one of the "lean Democrat" states in order to win the presidency.


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