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Donald Trump On His Way to Election HQ, to claim the Presidency

Florida and Pennsylvania go for Trump ; Dow Futures so far down they're halted


November 8, 2016

Update 9:20 PM, PST: at 254 electoral votes, Donald Trump is on his way to his Manhattan headquarters to claim the presidency of the United States. No one expected it, and perhaps Donald Trump is more surprised than anyone else. It is however a reality that in the words of David Plouffe, Obama's 2008 campaign manager, must be accepted with sobriety.

Update, 6:45 PST: Fox News now projects Clinton will win New Mexico. Trump they project in KS, ND, SD, TX, WY, LA. The score is now Trump 147, Clinton 109. MSNBC's projections are similar

We appear to be witnessing the country go off script, run off the rails, and elect a very improbable man as president.

The total electoral votes are 139 for Trump and 97 for Clinton, this according to Fox News. This is some pretty surprising stuff going on," said Neil Cavuto on Fox. Trump needs 270 electoral votes to win. Fox says with the States in the Mountain time zone that are expected to go for Trump, he needs just 38 more; he has 238 electoral votes.

He no longer needs to win all the swing states (Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida, though Trump must win some of them to be President.

The markets are selling off; Dow futures are currently down 400 points. The Mexican Peso is diving. Dogs and cats are moving in together; it's the Apocalypse. Or maybe that was Bill Murray in Ghostbusters.

Florida at this time is still too close to call, but the candidates are separated by 140,000 votes with 94% counted and Mr. Trump is ahead. Folks, this may be a Dewey Defeats Truman moment.


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