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By Stan Greene
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No, Ivanka won't display giant mockups of her Jewelry line on Mt. Rushmore

Horrors Donald Trump Has Been Accused of Doing, With No Evidence


November 14, 2016

Donald Trump will not be putting up bridges and national parks for sale. He'd be impeached if he did.

"The worst-case scenario of a Trump presidency: Women lose their reproductive freedom. There are mass deportations. There is a religious test for entry into America. Denying climate change becomes official policy and we exit our agreements. Our international alliances are effectively terminated. The orientation of economic policy-making is rooted in yesterday's industries and does not account for the rise of robotics and intelligence. Trump governs as an autocratic strongman instead of the leader of a single branch of government in a democratic state. The Department of Justice and FBI become Trump's FSB. In short, America's 70 year run as the world's leader effectively ends." Alec Ross, author of The Industries of the Future

There is much bitching and whining and gnashing of teeth across the land about what DT might do. Before it gets out of hand, I thought I would play Snopes here, and blow off a few myths about intentions. To wit:

1. Selling off America's infrastructure. Charging tolls on existing roads and bridges, after selling them to friends.

"What Trump means is something very different indeed. He means selling off infrastructure to private companies like Trump Enterprises so that "business moguls" like himself can personally invest in infrastructure - by buying it out from under the American people who now own it, and then charging everyone tolls to use it."

Nice story, but it's just not true. Citizen Trump has spent most of his life as a developer. He borrowed millions to construct buildings. Meanwhile, Washington has been talking for decades about the need to rebuild roads and bridges across America. Friends like Carl Icahn say DT really truly intends to issue $1,000 billion in bonds, and rebuild airports, schools, bridges and roads across America. He's serious about this, guys.

2. Planning to repeal Obamacare: DT did say that he would repeal Obamacare during the just concluded 2016 US Presidential campaign (in fact he repeatedly said it). But he has more recently said that he would keep the provisions prohibiting insurance companies from excluding pre-existing conditions, and allowing children to keep parents insurance until age 26. Look for Trumpcare to be more of a tweaking of Obamacare, than a complete replacement.

3. Nepotism: Planning to appoint Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany Trump, and Baron Trump to cabinet level positions. Okay, first of all, Baron is 10. As for the adult Trump Children, they are banned from holding government office due to nepotism rules adopted during the Johnson administration. It seems some in Congress in 1967 were less than pleased that JFK appointed his bro, Robert Kennedy, as Attorney General. Sons in Law are specifically excluded by the statute as well, so Jared Kushner won't be be trotting the hallways either.

4. Appointing a special prosecutor to indict Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Loretta Lynch, or anyone else: This is another one that the Great Excommunicator really did say repeatedly during the campaign, but has since publicly abandoned.

5. Restricting Women's Reproductive Rights: Donald Trump, who at the end of the day is a New York liberal politically, has donated to Planned Parenthood in the past. He has no intention of reversing the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade Decision, nor will he restrict abortion or family planning in any way. Like other Republican presidents, he will deliver only the sizzle, and not the steak to religious conservatives. Obviously, the man is a "free love" kind of guy. He believes what goes on in a bedroom is private, or he could not have lived his playboy lifestyle.

6. Building a wall across the Mexican Border: Yes, I know Trump repeated promised he would build a wall, and there already is fencing along about half the 1200 mile long US Mexico border. But building an actual wall there would be more challenging than building the Panama canal, the Pyramids and California's Pacific Coast Highway all put together. The Rio Grande river shifts course from time to time, for one thing. Existing treaties with Mexico prohibit a huge border wall along the river.

"Building the wall, contrary to what Democrats would like to make us believe, is not part of a worst-case scenario since every immigration reform package that has been discussed in Congress has included fencing. There is money already appropriated by previous Congresses to expand fencing. The Secure Fence Act, which then Senator Clinton voted for, calls for setting up double-layer fencing along 700 miles of the southern border." This from Alfonso Aguilar, President of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principals.

7. Deporting 10 million illegal aliens. President Trump won't do it, because it's not possible. And imagine the footage on youtube if he did.

8. Walking Away from NATO, ASEAN, ANZUS and other important military alliances: Unlike Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, Donald Trump is hardly an intellectual. Had he studied history, he would know that NATO means the US will never face Russian, Chinese, North Korean or Iranian aggression alone, and that these countries have a strong disincentive to pick a fight with any of its members.

Donald Trump will not be appointing Daughter Ivanka or her husband Jared Kushner, to high government positions.

Trump clearly listens to the advice of others. We know this because he finally put away his Twitter account after the 3 am spat with Miss Universe. The generals, eggheads, thinkers, and historians with whom he consults will no doubt explain to him in a convincing way, that NATO is the most successful military alliance in the history of the world.

9. Mass Deportations of 11,000,000 illegal aliens would be bad for business. Forget that one. The developer who built towers with Korean steel and Mexican workers isn't going to send everyone from Silicon Valley technicians to strawberry pickers home, whatever Trump's base may think.

10. Ban on Muslim's entering the Country: Every constitutional expert knows this is forbidden by the 1st Amendment. It's not going to happen, folks. Candidate Trump himself said he never proposed a complete ban anyway.


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