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Santa Monica House Sells for $16.1 Million, Third Highest Sale in City History

At $16,100,000 it sets a 2016 record for most expensive local sale.

Engel & Volkers rents a storefront office on Montana Avenue (as if you might drop in and buy a $4 million house in 90402, then proceed a few doors down to Starbucks). I guess it paid off for them. They just announced the highest sale of the year, and the third highest residential sale in Santa Monica history.

"We respect our clients confidentiality, but I can say that the buyer is an avid golfer, loved the architecture, view and of course La Mesa is an iconic street," said Sandra Cook, Engel & Völkers Marketing Director, when asked for the buyer's name.

I don't know about you, but I'm just so proud of them. I mean, at a time when 43,000 people are homeless in downtown Los Angeles, I'm so glad that some Saudi prince or internet billionaire who automated thousands of workers out of their jobs, bought a super expensive house in the City where I live. Booyah!

"Luxury real estate brand, Engel & Völkers, is proud to announce the sale of one of Santa Monica's most enticing properties. License Partner Sandra Miller, who stands apart as one of the top brokers in the country, brought the exquisite La Mesa Drive home to the forefront of the market, solidifying a record-making sale." I'm going to quietly adjust the rabbit ears on my TV set, while you read the rest of the press release.

"The coveted La Mesa Drive in Santa Monica is home to many extraordinary properties, but the stunning estate located at 2121 La Mesa is unparalleled. Originally designed by renowned architect, Peter Choate, and built in 1981 for Steel Magnolias and Footloose director, Herbert Ross, the property has since undergone ultra-high-end renovations and finishes." I'm guessing that means they got rid of the motorboat that used to be stored on cinderblocks in the front yard.

"The luxurious home stands at 9,288 square feet with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms; designed in the style of a New York City loft, with mind blowing views of the surrounding Santa Monica mountains and the Riviera Golf Course, one of the best and toughest courses in the United States. The 20-seat theater, climate controlled wine cellar, marble-finished master bath, expansive skylights, alluring fire pit and exquisite swimming pool, only cover a few of the amazing amenities that lend the property its resort-like atmosphere." There are fire pits you can use for free on the beach at the West End of the LAX runway. Just saying.

"2121 La Mesa Drive truly stands apart not only among Santa Monica's residential properties, but throughout Los Angeles as a whole," says Miller, who has closed over $100 million in deals this year alone. "It was a wonderful opportunity to represent the property and I am so proud of attaining such a great sale for the seller.'" Let's see 3% of $100 million is ...... Say, does Sandra have a boyfriend? Just wondering. No reason.

Drawing in an all cash buyer, at $16,100,000 the home set a record for the third highest sale in Santa Monica's real estate history and for the most expensive property sold in the area this year.


Reader Comments(2)

DontCovet writes:

The wealthy do not statistically give as much as those who are not, as they have little realisation of suffering. Remember that the outgoing President sought to encourage those who did give the most,the middle-class, during the Great Recession, as he knew they were empathic to suffering in times of less, and his hand-picked unsuccessful successor gave to her Foundations, which benefitted her family and friends directly. The point is, if a person can afford it, buy the best home you can.

LiveGreen writes:

It is likely that very wealthy people make donations and give to charities that do help the homeless, that support organizations that reach out to those in need. It really is all relative. History shows there have always been those with wealth, it's what they do with their wealth that is important. I get your satirical bent on this, but we just don't know this person. Let's hope they are more charitable than our next President.