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Minecraft Python Temple Online Coding Course Launched by BrainStorm STEM Education

BrainStorm STEM Education Launches Python Temple Online Coding Course


December 16, 2016

BrainStorm STEM Education

BrainStorm STEM Education, a tech-based academy for children in Irvine, is making programming available to all via their newly launched online course.

Combining a Minecraft Adventure game with educational programming lessons, students take on the role of a codeologist and must use Python code to help solve the challenges faced by our hero. With over 100 million registered users, Minecraft is one of the most widely played games of this generation, making it the perfect platform to engage the coders of the future.

Students will use Minecraft along with coding software to make their way through an awe-inspiring adventure map.

Each challenge will teach your student a new program, introducing essential concepts like sequential programming, variables and conditional statements. The result is an engaging coding adventure that truly gamifies learning.

"Our goal with Python Temple was to create a course where coding became an integral part of the gameplay experience," says Darren Jones, CEO of BrainStorm. "The result is the most captivating and educational coding experience possible."

BrainStorm STEM Education

Designed with the newcomer in mind, Python reads like Kindergarten math and is easy on the layman's eye. Python requires less code to complete basic tasks, being up to 5 times shorter than Java and up to 10 times shorter than C++. After downloading and installing the program, students are able to embark on an epic adventure where coding is the key to survival. The necessary code for each challenge is thoughtfully presented in each online video ensuring that students are able to work at their own pace and learn the tools needed for every step of their journey.

Like any language, programming is best learned through repetition. While each challenge is new and different, similar codes are incorporated in each so the student can start to recognize patterns and dissimilarities between codes. With a special introductory price of $199, users will receive the Python Temple software and access for one year to the online instructional videos for the course.

Register online at Use code: BRAINSTORM at checkout for 30% off (valid through 12/31/16).


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