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Santa VS Jesus - This Season's Most Controversial Holiday Card Game - Is Now Available In The States

Are you Team Santa or Team Jesus?

The new hotly debated irreverent card game generating recent controversy and praise in the United Kingdom, Santa VS Jesus, is now available in the States through

After Ho Ho Ho'ing and Hallelujah'ing its way through Europe Santa VS Jesus is ready to be played this holiday season with close friends and family members who aren't afraid to live on the edge and stir-up a bit of good-hearted trouble with this fun tongue-in-cheek game.

The card game is based on the age-old battle, who actually rules Christmas? Is it Santa or is it Jesus? The creators of Santa VS Jesus Card Game, one of the top-selling card games on in the United Kingdom, have made it easier to choose between the two with their breakout comedic card game.

Santa VS Jesus splits players into two teams to go head-to-head in a hilarious attempt to win the most believers to determine who will rule Christmas.

The two sides, Team Santa and Team Jesus match wits through several Christmas themed challenges – puzzles, riddles, brainteasers and much more to win valuable believers. Once teams are picked, each player must call the others by their characters name or risk losing a valuable Believer card.

The game's co-creators, David McGranaghan and Julian Miller noted "we originally came up the idea for Santa VS Jesus a few years ago when we were asked to entertain our families over Christmas. The card game proved to be an immediate success. It's important that players and critics have a sense of humor to play Santa VS Jesus as our goal in making this game was for it to have a bit of tongue-in-cheek quality to it."

Santa VS Jesus is for 4-16 players and recommended for ages 15+. Each Santa VS Jesus includes four packs of 50 gameplay cards, 16 Character Cards and 28 Believer cards ($24.99 MSRP on Amazon). A round of Santa VS Jesus lasts nearly one hour – on average.

About Komo Games and the Creators:

Santa VS Jesus is created by David McGranaghan and Julian Miller who make up Komo Games. David is one of the co-creators and publishers of Game For Fame the hit party board game, which was not only one of Amazon UK's top 10 selling board games in 2015 but is also retailing in most major UK stores for Christmas 2016. David is also an actor and comedy writer known for his online comedy series Dave McG TV which has over 2 million hits and was commissioned by AOL, playing a lead in the West End musical Jersey Boys and recently writing on the latest series of Comedy Central's Billy On The Street.

Julian is an actor known for the Melissa McCarthy comedy SPY and BBC's Silent Witness, and has also launched Game For Fame in The Netherlands as well as performing and working with Dave McG TV.

David and Julian came up with the game a few years ago when they were asked to entertain their families over Christmas. It went down so well it has been a family Christmas staple ever since. Over the years they have perfected the game through test plays and employed illustrator Joe Dove and graphic designer Joel Derksen to bring Santa VS Jesus to life.


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