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JetSuiteX to Offer Passenger Flights from Santa Monica Airport to Vegas, San Jose, San Diego

Brazilian Embraer Aircraft are "The quietest aircraft in service today," airline promises.


December 29, 2016

A Brazilian built JetSuite Embraer 135 Jet said to be "the quietest jet in the world."

JetSuiteX, a charter airline began selling seats today for flights to and from Santa Monica Airport. Flights will start on February 6, 2017.

Santa Monica airport has long offered charter service for those who can pay $5000 to charter a flight to Vegas. These will apparently be commercial, passenger seats, not unlike a plane flight from LAX or Burbank. Seats will start at $29 for flights from Santa Monica to Carlsbad. Flights to San Jose will start at $79 while weekend flights to Vegas will start at $99.

"JetBlue made a minority investment in JetSuite back in October and we also have partnered with JetBlue's loyalty program. JetSuiteX fliers can earn TrueBlue points redeemable on JetBlue," says JetSuite CEO Alex Wilcox.

"Destinations include Las Vegas, San Jose and San Diego County. JetSuiteX, whose parent company, JetSuite, recently announced an investment from JetBlue (NASDAQ:JBLU), offers the fastest flights in the West at commercial fares. Fares for the new routes start from $29* each way and will be flown on the some of the quietest aircraft in service today," says the airline, apparently responding in advance to noise complaints from those living near Santa Monica airport.


Flexjet Embraer Legacy 500 taking off from Santa Monica airport

"Starting February 6th, JetSuiteX will offer four weekly flights between San Diego County (Carlsbad) and the Bay Area (San Jose), with a stopover in Santa Monica. JetSuiteX will also connect Santa Monica Airport with Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on Fridays and Sundays on luxuriously configured Embraer 135 aircraft starting February 10th. The public charter operator began service in April and offers regular flights in major west coast markets. JetSuite, the parent brand of JetSuiteX, has operated nearly 5,000 flights in and out of Santa Monica Airport over the last 7 years."

"We are excited to offer the people of Santa Monica an affordable service which they can use to get to San Jose, Las Vegas and Carlsbad," said JetSuite CEO Alex Wilcox. "Our public charter service now provides the Los Angeles area with two departure points, Burbank and Santa Monica, making those Vegas and Bay Area trips so much easier. And, all residents of Santa Monica will receive 25% off all their JetSuiteX flights to and from Santa Monica after their first round trip!"

Flights may be purchased by visiting, or by downloading the JetSuiteX app on iOS. For more information about retail flights and private jet membership, visit


Reader Comments

Suisse writes:

non, il est une catastrophe!

Anstein writes:

You NIMBYs are too dumb to know you've been used as pawns. Those jets aren't going anywhere. The more you fight the little propellers the more billionaires will bring in the jets. Even if they close this airport the developers will have a mixed use hotel and condos under construction in no time. Think a little farther than your nose and you'll see the corruption and money interests airplane as day!

Howard writes:

First of all, the video in this article which is labeled Embraer 135 taking off from SMO is wrong. That is not an Embraer. Second, the City has done everything possible to force out the light piston airplanes at SMO. No one should be surprised that large jets are filling the void, as was perfectly foreseeable. With current City policies, expect this trend to continue and expand.

None writes:

Please go away SMO and take your jets with you!


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